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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crazychris84, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick on folk’s...
    I've recently been looking at joining the TA and have visited the AFCO and 4 Para. The recruit training for 4 Para starts at the beginning of March-is this the same for all corps/regiments and do they train together?
    Also if there are any Para gunners on the forum who can brief me on the delights of becoming a gunner then please do so!
  2. Crazychris,

    What location are you considering entering 4 PARA training at?

    From previous entries it would appear you're from London and did not excel at RCB (not knocking you with that comment)...

    If you are considering all options for joining the TA, a recruit in 4 PARA has the chance to progress from recruit to Private in the shortest possible time. However, that is only if you want to be an infanteer, you will have to undergo further trade training if you want to move to a RA (Para) unit.

    What do you see yourself doing in 5 and 10 years?

    Sometimes fastest is not best, particularly if you want to be effective once deployed.


  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    4 Para does its own recruit training, independant of the Regional Training Centre (RTC) programme. The programme is specifically designed to get the recruits from civvy to prepared for TA CIC and P Coy over 9 weekends in 4 months. There are 3 recruit cadres per year.

    It is not run alongside any other units.

    If you want to go for 4 Para, the time betwen now and March is not wasted - it is a chance for you to really work on your fitness, and allow you to turn up as ready as you can be. Rushing around to find a unit that will take you on sooner is not likely to benefit you in the long run. Find the unit that you want to go for, and then prepare for it, rather than opting for the first one that will allow you to sign on the dotted line.

  4. CC84,

    The Duke speaks many wise words, the fitter you are when you turn up, the more pleasant the recruit cadre will be. Is I previously mentioned, you will in all probability have cracked through the PARA recruit cadre (particularily if you pitch up with your phys squared away), even though it starts in March, before you can complete a RTC run training cadre, which I'm led to believe take much longer...

  5. There are Para Gunners in Romford, Essex (London Road I think).
  6. Another option to consider is the HAC. They're affiliated to the RA, and I think HAC service may be looked highly upon at AOSB. Next intake there will be March/April, progressing to Patrol Selection around October.

    Next Potential Recruits evening is (ISTR) next Tueday, 1830 for 1900, Jacket and Tie. No harm in having a look.


    PS Last I heard 266/289 Bty were to convert to Commando, with 307 taking the Para mantle. Has this changed/ never happened?
  7. Anyone know when the intake is for Bletchley signals. Im 17 in april and want to try it out, how do i show interest
  8. There is also RA rapier unit in grove park, london, there part of 106 regt ra.
  9. 266 are still Para.
  10. Best bet is just phone them, as your nearly 17 do it now and it might be possible to visit them and get a lot of the paperwork out of the way. Quite a few very good looking girls shame non of them can drink :D