TA Int is it true that a det is starting up in Portsmouth?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Cardinal, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. if so is it possible for a 42 year old RAMC(V) Sgt to transfer?

  2. You really do not want to spend more time in Portsmouth than is absolutely necessary. Trust me on this!!
  3. its only just down the road a way from my home (new forest). Is Joanna's still going?

    REgards Cardinal
  4. no mate, Jo's was shut down a few years ago, The Matelot's right though.......stay away from the dark place!
  5. When Jo's closed, a part of Portsmouth died.....

    Flares has taken over as *the place* for the discerning matelot to be seen in ringbolted at 1am on a schoolnight.

    Err, so I've been told.

    But I've managed to escape the clutches of that place for a couple of years!

    Now, instead of having to worry about Pompey mushes, I've got the locals to contend with who still point at cars when they go by.
  6. Cardinal,

    If you call 01207 6113912 or check through www.armyintelligence.mod.uk and link to the TA recruit line you should get the info you require.

    Sorry about the delay in providing info - I actually took leave!

  7. Good site. Is there a reason why EW and IMINT get 404s, do you know?
  8. Works for me, even on DII or whatever I'm running at work. Problem your end?
  9. Highly unlikely, youth is key to 3 MI (V)

  10. ????????????????????

    Editted due to falling off chair with uncontrolled laughter.
  11. Now that's comedy. Sir, I salute you for the deadpan way you delivered the line.

    Indeed, we seem to have an official policy whereby we p!ss around juniors so that they don't bother to sign on again after the first engagement. Or even make it to the end of the CMS phase given the current confusion and unsatisfactory standards. And juniors is a relative term, mid-twenties seems to be a good average for recruits.

    Mind you, the selection weekend is practically an attendance course now as we need to make the statistics look good for the COs OJAR - the attrition to meet standards occurs downstream where metrics aren't collected.

    Seriously though, I'd welcome anyone new regardless of age - although if you come across as a Sgt be prepared to work very hard getting the trade courses under your belt, without which you'll be fairly useless and lacking in credibility.
  12. You can do all the TA trade courses in the Corps and you'll still be useless and lacking in credibility! :wink:

    edited for biff typing under the influence
  13. I know, but what else do you expect ? These days they're written, approved and taught by the regulars ... :wink:
  14. Even the best Regular Army Instructor with the best Trade Skills in the world can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear!!!!!!
  15. Oh please not another pointless Reg v TA slanging match! So boring - you must be able to think up something more interesting on POET's day?! (Or possibly not).