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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hairyhaw, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. I was just wondering what the edinburgh lot did, and what the joining criteria was. If OPSEC allows feel free to let me know, either by PM or normal (ie replying to post) methods.
    Would be much obliged for any responses.
    Even the potentially humiliating ones :D
  2. You hadn't thought of perhaps contacting the Unit, expressing an interest and then perhaps arranging to attend a 'drill night' (sorry ARAB)?......Um are you sure this is the right unit for you?
  3. Erm, well, being that the front door method you suggest is the most obvious one, I was rather thinking of getting some info from other sources first.
    Silly me for thinking that gaining answers to questions was one of the purposes of a forum. :wink:
  4. If your wish comes true, then you will become a master of the black art of JWP2-00.

    Something in there talks about: " systemetic exploitation of all available sources and agencies."

    I think you will find the fourth or 5th thread below this quite helpful in that area:

    Of course if you wanted to get involved in real intelligence work, you would need to join an RAF Reserve intelligence flight.

    Most of their training is based from RAF Chicksands, in Wiltshire* :wink:

    * according to the Guardian
  5. Just ignore the troll re the RAF there .... unless you believe that a few weekends on how to package incoming int for redistribution to the growbag wearing master race are equivalent to Op MI.
  6. RAF Int!! Their theory is, unless it comes from nice photographs taken by their own, it ain't true. The MI concept is just a dark and distant subject that they will not even entertain.
  7. if you had a true grasp of an all embracing concept you would know that not all air-breathing sensor platforms aquire imagery.

    There are also RAF trade groups Int An (V) and Int An (C)

    There are RAF officers who have served in J2X appointments and numerous RAF NCOs who have completed successful HUMINT tours, including the JFIT equivalent, on Op Corporate.

    A damn fine CPO ran another JFIT on Granby as I recall, teaching junior service reserve soldiers how to fill jerricans correctly and dig shell scrapes.

    I think you need to smell the purple coffee eye_spy

  8. RAF input to spec duties was about 0.001%, that is 1 in 1000. As we don't have 1000 spec duties personnel - work it out!!
  9. Joking aside, RAF reservists get very good at their particular speciality - I've worked with them and been impressed. However, their units and training are intended to fit them for one task and one task only.

    In comparison the Corps teaches you to be Op MI first - and then (if you fancy it) to master a speciality. And to be as good as the RAF specialist. We do aim to be better, because we're like that, although the longer period of time they spend on one subject can hone their skills to an impressive level.

    The RAF do not teach the broad skill set needed for Op MI - because, let's face it, they do not need to run the G2 cell for a deployed Army unit or provide security support to same. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise needs to rein back the propaganda and examine the facts. This is not a criticism, horses for courses and all that.

    And if we're going to get bitchy about 3 MI's finest on holiday I have some interesting tales about RAuxAF Sqn's having fun on field weekends. Lack of practice leads to skill fade, and you practice field skills far less than we do. Again, is anyone surprised ?
  10. RAF specialist reserve Int? Is there a website? never heard of that. Got out a while ago HUMMM
  11. James, perhaps you have spent too long in the late nite, fuggy haze of the tithe barn. Some would say the SD commuity is a lot larger that the one you are thinking of.

    I can think of a number of decorated members of the RAF who have succesfully downshifted for a quiet life in the slime, yes even aircrew. The wider SF community has it's share of RAF, even going back beyond Op STORM. I recall there was once an ex radar tech teaching CQB in the barn, a gentleman who had done a number of fascinating courses .

    PS: Of course don't forget "Yourman" http://www.arrse.co.uk/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2831&highlight=yourman&sid=6b22b4e32b2fd476893394d49f24d041
  12. Look for the RAuxAF website and they should all be on there. As I'm in the TA I'll make you find it yourself. I think they used to be RAFVR but once that disappeared they all got a name change.
  14. "your experience" may just equal the span of your objectivity,

    ( just under a phoenix rotor blade's depth by my reconning.)

    I Have PM'd you with the details of 9 individuals who have moved fromRAF to either slime or SD/SF.