TA Int Corps Officer Recruitment Qs

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by GiveUsTheTools, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I hope someone can answer a few Qs for me please

    Am over 40 but pathfinder thing says that's ok and suggested this role (!)
    Served in TA Para 10+ years ago with a clean record
    also had an RCB pass + Brigade Squad pass I didn't use prior to that

    Fancy doing something again and Int Corps sounds great

    Qs re TA Int Corp Officer roles
    1) Do they have units in Kent, Surrey, Sth East?
    2) Is the age thing likely to be a show stopper
    3) Is credit history stil a problem for Army officer full stop- as i have had my own business which has left me with poor record.
    4) Don't want to spend the entire next 3 yrs in Irq but happy to do my bit- what are the likely postings?

    I would much appreciate any input

    Thank you
  2. http://www.army.mod.uk/3mibn/locations/index.htm

    (Somebody who knows what is going on with 5(MI) can improve on this?)

    Ask the unit - they'll be able to assess the relevance of your previous service (and Brigade can waiver the age thing if you are ally enough).

    It is a problem for anybody needing vetted - especially for somebody needing the Int Corps officer sort of vetting. Being able to spell correctly is a problem too.
    TA mobilisation is currently on a voluntary-only basis. Especially to 'Irq'.

    I would say I was glad to help but you are wanting to be an Int Corps officer :?
  3. Thank you.