TA Instructors and Army Training Regiments

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by junglist01, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. With the regular army so undermanned and instructors having to take TA Recruits courses as well, do we think that we could could get ta Instuctors intodepots to take them since we are all supose to be one army and run of the same ctp

    Any views, and yes helmet and body armour on as am waiting for the incoming
  2. Are you really suggesting that TA Instructors are trusted with the responsibilty of assisting in the training of our regular forces? Have you thought about the impact this woud have!
  3. Well not just the regular forces , they could be taking the recruits courses for ta solders, so that leaves the regular instructors more time, not trying to take a job away from them!!!
  4. Await the obligatory "standards" post - no thread on this subject would be complete without one!
  5. Sure it has it good and bad parts.

    We had a certain Cpl, how had a very large grudge against the TA, and because of this we probably did more press-ups in a 2 week period compared to reg recruits.

    Possibly if any TA member was an ex reg, they would have the required skills needed to bring 'sprogs' up to the required standard?
  6. Old hat :) I can think of several TA soldiers who have worked at ATR's/Training establishments training both Regular and TA soldiers, on S type and FTRS postings. I can also think of about a half a dozen TA officers who are directly involved in training and recruiting policy's as well.
  7. Goes back to my fav, create 3 ATR(V) , Scotland, England & Wales....
    When our recruits had t go to Bovvy todo their CMS(R) we often sent instructors to assist the Regs there, with no problem from either side, I'm sure we're not the only unit to have done this.
  8. Thats your fave rumour again!!!
  9. Maybe if I bang on about it one of two things will happen, one of which is people will get pi55ed off with me mentioning it , or two......
  10. Instructors TA or REG, it's up to the course chief to ensure they measure up or RTU - simple, no problem!
  11. There is/was a long-serving TA RGJ/Rifles bloke instructing at Senior Brecon; [Mod edit: no starred names please].
  12. You mistake my irony BB! Completely with you, and yes, there are several good examples around the country.