TA Information Systems Op Qualification

Had a look at these last night (Basic and Intermediate - they are on the latest TDT CD)

Anyone know if Blanford has started delivering them yet, are they in force (i.e. if Blandford isn't teaching it can we award the qualification to students).

Have a number of IT iliterate soldiers in my unit and they are struggling with ICS Class 3, these courses look as if they'd be very useful to send them on before they do their class 3 (effectively putting them through a regular BSS course).

I know I could get them educated via DELC but I've heard these weaker types tend to fudge the system (doing things like going straight to the tests taking them repeatedly until they've discovered the answers)

I know we've discussed DELC courses before but does anyone know of any free lesson material (that isn't an online type package i.e. powerpoint or sets of exercises to undertake etc)

PM Madscanner, he has a brain cell specifically for DELC and may give you the answers. Failing that, I will speak to him at the weekend and ask him
thanks, the subject is really doing my head in. I have a percentage of the Sqn thats really struggling with some kit and the remainder can put the kit together without instruction.

Its not like VP or JMH where we have to teach the subject, I reckon a large part of my sqn is better educated on IT than the average regular in the same trade. I don't want to bore the pants off them by teaching basics but I somehow need to cover it.

Probably I need to set up some extra training (such as ECDL - which I think is a waste of time for many), taking the poorer ones out of the normal Drill night training cycle but part of me thinks I'll never get some operators upto standard and they're in the wrong trade.
There's no such thing as poor soldiers...

Anyway, why not purchase a couple of ECDL books, blag a couple of old laptops and you will have one instant training facility that the weaker blokes can take home after a drill night and use?

I believe that the TA will pay for ECDL via Learndirect and you can purchase the books from Sqn funds, then the stronger guys can teach the weaker ones on a closed weekend.

If you really wanted to box clever, you could look at getting the trainers Microsoft Certified Trainer status - how about that for a retention idea?

msr said:
There's no such thing as poor soldiers...
I know wrong choice of words. Resources aren't a problem we are a registered ECDL test centre, plenty of laptops and networking devices.

I am hoping to implement many ideas discussed on the Defence Electronic Learning Centre thread very shortly.

The people I'm talking about the regular army calls Entry Level 1 & 2, they take them upto Level 1 (=NVQ1) during their training which is a considerable amount of time. The regular army has found that even with this amount of training people at these low levels still struggle with IT. I believe I'm seeing the same problem.

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