Im an ex reg, RLC pioneer, I joined the TA last may as an RLC Driver, I did me basic again, evan though it turned out I didnt have too, which took me untill april this year. I dont have my driving cat c licence, which is pretty importatant being a driver. Ive been pissed about an gettin really fed up now, Im going transfer to Infantry. Whats the TA Infantry like, do you do real constructive training on a tuesday and your weekends?
Im thinkin 4 Para St Helens, or my local regt 4 Mercian.
As always it will depend on your unit - when I did my basic training, training nights were a waste of time. I would turn up and sit around with the other newbies in the Training Wing while they 'tried to find someone to deal with us', after which we all went to the bar. The weekends, however, were totally different - that's where the real training was done.

As Barnum says at the end of his show, 'That was all a long, long time ago', and things may be a lot different now. For one thing, although it's been a while since I worked in a battalion, I think I'm right in saying that to qualify as an infantryman you will have to attend the 2 week infantry course, and they don't mess around there.

Why not bimble along to your nearest infantry unit, have a chat and get a feel for how things are done. Won't cost you anything - well, maybe a couple of pints. Do baer in mind, though, that infantry soldiers get cold and wet for a living.... :)
I'm with 4 LANCS, and have to agree with Onyerbike. Depends on your unit and whoever is sorting out training. At my unit, our Tuesdays are fairly productive, with lessons aimed at recruits, Toms, NCO's etc depending on experience. Training weekends tend to be quite good, growing in complexity as the year went on (at least until the cuts). As for the future, I'm not sure what training we are getting until April, but hopefully we'll get some good field weekends. You will probably have to do CIC and get cold, wet and tired. But as Onyerbike said - that's part of an infanteers life!!! Go for it though if you like that type of thing! I love it

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