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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hermand, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Easy all, I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for something else. Have always fancied a military career, but ended up blagging a decent career in civvie street and meeting a cracking woman ya da ya da.

    Seeing as I spent my younger years in the ATC I was looking seriously at the RAF Regiment. I've already seen many topics here on them, though the main concern for me was 2 years of training only to end up deployed miles away from anything interesting. I'm not a lunatic, but if I'm going to do this, then I want to get stuck in.

    So, really, my question is the same for the TA. I believe that I'm doing this for the 'right reasons' in the sense that I have every intention of deploying when the time is right (Permission already sought by employer). If I join the TA Infantry, first - what are my chances of being deployed, and if deployed, will I be doing something genuinely useful?

    I'd love to hear about some of the roles that have been fulfilled by the TA in Iraq and Afghanistan and anybodies experience.

  2. Glad to see the ATC has instilled a suitable shame of all things light-blue in you. Make an appointment to visit your local TA Inf and see what they have to say. The individual unit will be able to tell you how many people they send on ops every year and what else you can get out of the TA.
  3. Cheers Bravo - I've had a look on the Army Jobs website and, apparently, my nearest Infantry unit is the Headquarters of the West Midlands Regiment.

    Now, stupid question before I phone up or drive over - will this be an active unit, or purely admin?
  4. Google Maps looks like it's an active unit - I oughta join intelligence instead!

    On another serious note - they won't think I'm being shit if I say I'm not joining until the winter months. This was a peace offering to my employer as we're insanely busy until then.

    Also, and I know there's a thread sort of on this, does anybody know the eyesight requirements for Infantry?

  5. The ones with turbans and beards will be the enemy :)
  6. Steady -- he lives in the West Midlands FFS -- they are his neighbours!!!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He might just be the one with the beard and turban - and welcome in the TA same as anyone.

  8. Jeebus. That was a bit grown up AY -- are you feeling a bit mellow tonight? 8)
  9. I'd be interested to hear advice on eyesight as well. A 7 RIFLES WO says that the TA don't care how you fix your eyesight (glasses, contacts or laser) as long as you can do the job, but that seems a little far out.

    PS who is that perpetually angry NCO I see in people's avatars (e.g. DavetheApe's...)?
  10. Perpetually angry? He's actually quite calm. You'll find this out, in time, if you become acquainted with any British Army CSM's. Try not shaving one morning, or maybe wandering aimlessly across the parade square with your hands in your pockets....

    It's Windsor Davies and Don Estelle from "It ain't half hot mum". You won't remember :lol:
  11. I've already had the pleasure, even in the OTC. My 4 Para-sourced CSM claims I scare him. Top that.
  12. Eyesight - If you are over -7.00 or +7.00 dioptres then from what I know you are unfit for service unless you go in as a clerk.
    But don't take that as gospel, I can imagine that there are a few exceptions somewhere along the line.

    Regards your deployment questions; Your chances of getting deployed are 100% at some point in your TA career, as long as you don't specifically say you don't want to/can't tour.
    I have only just passed my CIC (Combat Infantryman's Course) within the last month, for example, but beacuse I have shown that I want to go and my company thinks I am ready, I am due to start Pre-Deployment training next month in preperation to go on Herrick 11 with a regular batallion.

    A lot of it depends on when your unit is down for a tour, or when you are needed to make up some numbers.

    However, there is always the oppertunity to take a individual deployment. Meaning if you are raring to go, but the unit is not touring/about to go on ops then make it known to the permanent staff and providing you are a good egg they should try and match you up going on the next available tour with another unit/regiment.

    As far as the TA experiences on tour, I obviously cannot say from experience but I've heard both good things and bad things about touring. It just seems to be a case of each tour is different. One lad at my unit who has been on three tours has said that the TA company he deployed with last were dicked for stagging and shit jobs, and didn't see much 'action' but on the tour before that he was right there with regular soldiers doing what they do alongside them as a solid unit. Experiences during mobilisation at Chilwell seem to differ greatly also...

    All I can say from here is that you should make contact with your local infantry unit and see what the crack is. If you like what you see, let them know you are interested and keen to join but due to work cannot commit fully until later in the year. If the unit is even half decent they should take that onboard and leave the gate open for you, especially seeing as though you seem to have the attitude wanted.

    Take the plunge mate!
  13. My apologies. I thought by your post that you were newly-joining the TA. Your CSM is only saying that "you scare him" because under the new Equality & Diversity guidelines is is unable to beat you to a bloody pulp with his pace stick, and then throw you into the nearest wheelie bin.
  14. If you want to go you can .There is no gurantee that you will see action though .That depends on the task your unit is doing and what the enemy is up to.
  15. it is quite common knowledge that if deploying as part of a TA deployment, rather than deploying as an individual attached to a regular unit, there is a higher potential for bone jobs.

    however, it is also common knowledge that unless you are super switched on and a very good soldier, deploying as an idividual to a regular unit does raise the potential for being 'the TA one' and individually getting tasked with bone jobs.