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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Foitin_Irish, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. What's is the usual programme for a TA Infantry unit on weekend? I only ask as i'm looking to join my local TA Inf. unit. Is it down to how many people you can muster etc?
    Any (useful, non sarcastic!!) info would be appreciated, just to get an idea of what to expect

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello mate,

    Thought i'd answer this for you although I'm sure it will differ unit to unit.

    Weekends will generally either be Company or Battalion level weekends. The company ones generally cover a variety of Infantry skills in preperation for the larger Battalion ones, making sure everyones upto speed with Section, Platoon, Company attacks, OIBUA etc. thus ensuring when it comes to a full Battalion excercise which may include other units working along side or against you the basics are perfected to ensure the Bn ex runs smoothly without having to re-teach things people aren't so slick on.

    Inbetween all that we have range weekends, and adventure training.

    I guess that's it, good luck!

  3. Surely the programme is based on "hurry up and wait" and then "get a move on you're late"? In between there will be getting wet, getting hungry, not getting enough sleep. finally things will be cleaned while a stale miasma of wet webbing and old fart lingers. At least that was my main memory of infantry life. Or indeed artillery life...apart from grease guns and oily rags in addition.

  4. Pretty much the same in my unit :wink:

    Good luck

  5. Shhh Cuddles!

    We're trying to recruit the lad not scare him off by telling the truth!!

  6. Hang on? I may have to sleep outside? S*d that for a gam of soldiers.... :D i joke, i joke! I've been told what Infantry training roughly involves and i know about the 9 weekends basic training but what about after getting trained, how are the weekends usually occupied?
  7. Just back from visiting the unit i'd like to join. Quite liked the no nonsense honesty of the Corporal there. Pretty much got told that soon as i'm qualified as an infanteer, i have a high likelihood of being mobilized. Seem like a pretty sorted bunch, just got to get on with the paperwork and hope the job doesnt kick up a fuss!