TA infantry vs. Royal Marine Reserve

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brick26, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Hey posted this on the RMR site so just wanting to get views of both sides.

    Been set on joining TA for quite a while and have always wanted to go infantry then it was suggested to me why I dont try for RMR. Just wanting to see what the general view is of the RMR. are they viewed as being better trained than a TA infanteer or there not much in it? Not wanting to put either side down just wanting to get views and opinions of those who are more in the know than myself. cheers
  2. :frustrated:

    the TA is der hardest mate init?
  3. im biased so i would say RMR ...but you are expected to turn up every weekend, Having done both i would liken RMR initial build up to HAC ..i think RMR actulally mobilise now as a unit rather than battle cas replacements
  4. so do they not take into consideration that some ppl have to work some weekends? i dont question my own committment but obviously job would have to come first.

    sorry for my lack of knowledge but what is HAC, Honourable artillery company?? just googled it.
  5. The RMR take training serioulsy and produce good blokes. A TA infantry unit wouldn't have the same degree of physical selection, and therefore wouldn't have the same calibre of individuals, despite the great training they get. Passing your commando tests would be a truly special moment you would take to your grave.

    That said Marines have a higher proprtion of homosexuals than any other military unit and would much rather be bumming each other than training.

    They also seem to think getting naked at any oppurtunity is great, even in a pub with a pair of hot dirty strippers, dildoing each other with their mouths.

    Join 4 para and see what real hetrosexual men are like. :winkrazz:

    The marines, 99% of straight men need not apply.
  6. I was thinking of 4 Para but think its Edinburgh they are based in and it looks like ill be working up north in Scotland so distance is too great.

    Apart from the apparent abundance of homosexuals (unfortunately im not that way inclined) they're trainig is alot more pyhsical and therefor to a bot of a higher standard than a regular TA infantry soldier?
  7. Aye, they're a London based Special OP unit, probably a bit far away from northern Scotland.
  8. Phsyically, yes, however I'd say that it averages itself out, We have some super fcuking fit young guys who, given the chance will get you into a world of sh1t :frustrated: . We also have fit, motivated, well trained and all round good soldiers who could cut the mustard on Ops (and most have) :thumright: , however as with ALL T.A. infantry units we have the total waste of rations and the queens shillings who at times seem to permeate our ranks and make the unit as a whole look like bags of pooh, and I'd hazard a guess that the RMR isn't that different.
    Take it from me, I been around a bit and worked with a some good RMR guys on Telic and even they had a toolbag on tour with them :threaten: , it happens.
    If you want the fun with a little less full on commitment try the TA infantry if you aspire to be at the top range of your fitness my advice is go Para(V) and failing that give the cabbage heads a rattle :thumleft: cos lets be honest if it's not Army it's Navy and thats a horrible shade of blue :biggrin:
  9. RMR have massive wastage. If you cannot attend one of the weekends you get back squadded, months sometimes. Injury will likewise result, more than likely in back squading. If your back squadded its even more difficult to pass.

    Down here in Dorset the RMR have (or did have) one training evening per week and another PT session each week, attending both is not really a choice, since a guy can go running by himself, but where else is he going to practice regains, climbing 30ft ropes and the swimming test with a rifle? and there is nothing like the peer pressure of your mates to drive you on.

    It takes a year to get to the phase 1 course and the better part of another year to complete phase 2 for the green lid. Thats a very long time to be under training, by the time an RMR trained rank has been in the job a year his TA counterpart might be well on his way to his first tape.

    There is nothing wrong with the TA infantry there are some very good units about, but the RMR is something different.

    I would only consider RMR if I had shed loads of time and could forecast the next two years of my life. But don't let it put you off, if you can do this and eventually pass out you will never regret it. If however you go the TA Infantry route do not consider that second best either, they are just different.

  10. RMR is a huge commitment in time .Thats even before you think about the physical challenge.Go for the elite units if you can you can always
    join another unit if you dont make the grade or find the commitent too much.
  11. I've heard all RM and Comados have to pass P cpmpany, this suggest there is not much difference in fitness levels between RMR and 4 Para.
  12. A minor point but one worth noting: The RMR won't get merged with something else or chopped about in the way that a TA Inf unit will whenever Director Inf gets told to make some savings by HMG.
    I understand from an RMR bloke on Herrick that they are known by regular RM as "Rubber Daggers". He says this is because they're more flexible!

    Best of luck whichever you choose.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Go back to sleep. RM and Commandos have to pass the Commando course. 4 Para have to pass the TA P Coy.

    The only part of your post that is correct is the bit about not much difference in fitness levels (although you will get all of the usual banter between the units).
  14. RMR and 4 PARA recruits and transferrees have to pass the All Arms Commando Course and P Company which is each organisation's respective selection course - they don't have to do both. The first part of your sentence is therefore incorrect, however, the second part is almost correct - both courses are physically and mentally tough and require appropriate levels of fitness to pass then although the events within them are different and reflect the different approaches and roles taken by the units concerned. That said, i am confident that suitably prepared and motivated recruits from either organisation could successfully attempt the others selection course.
  15. No mate, in the old days 148 Bty selection included Pcoy and AACC, but as far as I'm aware, nowadays, Airborne types to Pcoy, Commando types do AACC then we all get togther or No1 Parachute School for wings course.

    If your really lucky you'll do Pcoy, get your wings then your unit will re-role and you'll get a chance to attempt the AACC :thumright: Treat me !