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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by beel999, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. How long does phase 1 and 2 take?

    I heard somewhere phase 1 can take as little as 2 weeks or something?

    thanks, beel
  2. Is there not a wiki page for this?

    Phase 1 can take two weeks if you do it during one of the 'Summer/Winter/Midlands Challenge' events (see your PSI for details), more likely you will go to the RTC (Regional Training Centre) for 9 weekends (6 with All Arms and three further just for the Inf). The weekends are every other weekend(roughly - depending on time of year (Summer/Christmas tend to bugger the pattern up)), and there are regular intakes throughout the year - this will depend on your location - again, ask your PSI for details.

    Phase 2 will occur some time later (!) and lasts for two weeks.

    Hope that helps.

  3. you can do CMSR as a two week camp if you are doing CIC as your phase two it will be a futher two weeks....

    depends on your role and Arm...

    Good luck

  4. What so all the training put together could take as little as 4 weeks?
  5. Well, it will take four weeks ish - they just might be spread out over several months.

    seriously, it is possible to do the whole lot in one go.
  6. Oh really? how can you do it one go?
    Im 16 and was thinking of RMR as they take you at 16 as long as you have left school, but then i spoke to a TA recruiter and he said you can start TA training at 17 and 1 month, is this true?

  7. don't know about lower age limits; check out the "joining the TA" forum.

    Why TA over RMR, out of interest?
  8. I find that shocking.

    A month?

    What about 'The Land of Nod'?

    How much beasting can you really fit into a month?

  9. Look you wont get beasted...there is no time for that..dont think after a month you trained...you have just started.....and the RMR wont do anything a good TA infantry lad cant do...
  10. IMO RTCs do not expect to produce trained soldiers, rather turn a civvie into something more ready to take in military training.

    Then again, if the RTC dont think you are up to scratch, you will not proceed.

    @ Blue9 - old attitude, I'm afraid.
  11. Is anyone here in 3 PWRR?
  12. Some on ARRSE, but you'll find that ther are some blokes here that train 3PWRR recruits...
  13. Do you know anyone who trains 3 PWRR recuits on here? or do you?
    i need to ask them something ;)
  14. Jesus, you'll make a great assault pioneer.
  15. why? :S