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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cheese, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. I'm coming to the end of UOTC, and thinking of joining TA R Signals as a tom a a Comms Sys Op. I have done quite a bit of research and spoken to R Signals PSI, but on here have been pointed to Infantry Signals as a better possibility for CNR work., Can anyone give me a heads up on the role/ particular training for TA Infantry Signals Platoons (C3) after TA CIC?

  2. At the risk of sounding bitter, and based only my own unit. There isn't one.

    Clansman was nearly all backloaded, a bare handful of BOWMAN was issued to us, and then taken away. I can now run a Coy CP that can maintain Comms over flat, treeless, ground to the planning range of a 353. Since no training area is flat and treeless and there's no masts left..........
  3. Have you considered using mobile phones - maybe changing the ringer to tactical bird sounds??
  4. No masts? Not even a GSA? Have you any 320s?
  5. Why did they backload the 8 / 12 metre masts, GSA's etc as these are still in service? as is the 346, 414s! Referred to as 'Clansman Legacy' items!
  6. From the point of view of one who's been both...

    If it's CNR you want, you won't do much (any, really) in a UK Ops signal unit. The 320 will come out now and again for just long enough for everyone to realise they've forgotten how to use it, and then it'll get chucked back in the tech stores for 6 months. If you go the R SIGNALS route, IT-type stuff is going to be your bread and butter. Works for some; not so much for others.

    Inf Sigs Pl is definitely all about the CNR, although knowing how to hook up laptops to projectors and so on is handy. However, as people have pointed out, between the budget cuts, ongoing Bowman famine and the fact that Clansman kit is pushing 30 years old and has no repair chain beyond the Sigs PSI, it is getting difficult to do anything.

    My vote? Go infantry. You'll do CIC and be a trained (arf arf) infantry soldier anyway, so if signals doesn't work out fir you, you can always split to a rifle coy or one of the other sp platoons. Join the Signals, and that's it (unless you really joined the TA to indulge your heated 9x9 fetish....)
  7. don't forget that the Company Sigs Det is the command & control centre of the company and not just a place to play radio ham and keep out of the rain. It the location of the Coy HQ and when not about tabbing is the place for the OC to plan his battle. If comms go to rat sh1t - and they often do (low power radios and users that don't understand how to best use them) - then there are other methods for communicating with your platoons & higher. Old school methods like employing runners or laying line. It means bringing in platoons from distant locations but it is a sound tactic. Use HF to talk to battalion - you don't need a mast as the whip can reach most of the country - if your skills are upn to speed (been there - did that - t-shirt shrunk in the wash :wink: )

    I know its frustrating not having the kit to practice with, but at least try and do the job to the best of your abilities and resources. You'll be surprised with the results
  8. If you are located in the South West, join the FAC troop of 21 Sig Regt in Bath. You're trained as a Signaller, get to play with Harris 117 and 152 as well as doing interesting training which tends to be operationally focussed. With the Infantry experience in the troop, there is also the added attraction of infantry training to improve your field skills.
    Plenty of potential for progression in the troop.
  9. Had another thought - again depending on where you're based, UKSF(R) communicator. Can't tell you anything about it, personally (other than it's nails), but it's definitely CNR, and it's definitely warry. You should be able to google the phone number, and if you fancy your chances, why not....?

    @TheSpecialOne: I think you've got the wrong end of the stick mate - I'm in the sigs pl, I plan on staying there, and we really are doing the best with what we've got (including runners, now and again). The 9x9 thing was a cheap shot at the Royal Signals, and one of the reasons I left. I feel all out of place without a manpack on....
  10. No worries. But surely Sigs Platoon have 12x12s? :wink: In my days as a lowly Coy Det Commander we only had 9x9s and bashas (manpacking - infantry signallers for the use of) 8)
  11. enough GSA's for the 6(?) 351/2 we have left, a 353 with TUAM. Not one single mast, either 5.4m or 8m, no 320. All gone.....

    I did consider borrowing a Heliograph or 2...
  12. buckshee kit?
  13. Testify.
  14. I may now be back in business. After a snow swept weekend at Wathgill it appears that "some" is reappearing....