TA infantry Regiments deployed en masse on ops?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by modwatchdog, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Guys,

    Am curious to know how many if any TA infantry Regiments/Companys, have deployed to Afgan en masse? Does this type of thing happen, or do the guys just get attached to the regular parent unit or whoever, needs the bods? :?
  2. My knowlege is very weak so dont take my word for it.

    But from what I've seen, I'm pretty sure that volunteers (TA rarely get drafted) just fill in regular units hence the preparatory training before deployment to get them upto scratch with the regular soldiers they'll be serving with.

    But I'll leave it upto someone else to prove I'm talking bollocks. :D
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yes, you are.

    The London Regiment and 2 R Irish have recently sent formed composite companies, and I am sure that others have done so as well. They are generally earmarked for force protection tasks, but have worked in the manoeuvre Coys up to Pl level.

    Other units (certainly 4 Para) avoid FP like the plague and always mobilise as IRs to backfill the regular Bns.
  4. There is a guy from our regt out in Afghan with 6 Rifles TA
  5. Sure I read in Soldier Mag earlier in the year, that a TA unit of the Royal Irish had deployed with company strength, and were employed as force protection around Bastion, but I maybe mistaken?
  6. ive deployed as individual reinforcement with a regular unit and as part of a TA force protection company to iraq and as part of a platoon to afghanistan.

    as far as i am aware,and i could be wrong, individual reinforcements are joining regular units on Herrick but TA at company level are usually used as force protection.

    but as usual there are rumours :) of future company level deployments on Herrick on frontline duties rather than force protection.
  7. 7 Scots provided a FP Coy on Telic 9, the two units before were all TA Inf but fro a couple of Regts.
  8. 7 RIFLES had a Composite Company on a rather lively tour of Afg earlier this year.
  9. Yes we were. We took over from 7 Rifles, and the job is now being done by 6 Rifles. God help 6 Rifles - at least we had Now Zad/FOB Keenan to cover as well as stagging on.
  10. Cheers guys, for all your replies. Am I understanding this then that these composite companys, deploy under their own unit, and not under their parent unit, for example the company from 6 Rifles (V) say were just that 6 Rifles, and not just an additional company to say 1 Rifles?

    Is history being written with this composite companys? I do hope so. How times have changed since the TA were looked down upon by the regs...
  11. We deployed as Imjin Coy, 1 R Irish. But we still referred to ourselves as 2 R Irish. Not sure about the Rifles tho.
  12. You Scots always seem to take over from us on tours :) i was part of the LCV Plt on Fingal in 02 then Normandy Coy on Telic 8 in 06.

    very glad to see you guys on both occasions.

    i think we have established TA have deployed as Force Protection Company's. i wonder what the liklihood is of deploying at battalion strength with our own chain of command?

    I decided after my last tour i wont volunteer for future Force Protection mobilisations. However i would definitely be interested if it was to support our guys in Helmand.
  13. 3PWRR are sending a Composite Coy in 2010/11.
  14. Just wait til the shit really hits the fan then 51 Bn (now 7 SCOTS) wil be 51st HD again and put the world back to rights. :D
  15. Oh and thanks for teaching the kids some english for us - very kind. I only hope the Gunners who took over from us appreciate the efforts wee took to teach the kiddies "bawbag" and "pish" :muhaha: