TA Infantry or National Guard who would you want on flank?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Tartan_Ninja, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. So?what?
  2. Should this thread not have a poll?
  3. poll wont work......say what you feel!
  4. I have pizza in oven...you welcome to join.meat feast...wife will eat half..
  5. It's a bit vague don't you think.

    There are some excellent TA infantry units, and there are also some that are not nearly as good.

    I can imagine that the situation is the same for the National Guard.

    On the other hand, I can imagine that the NG have better options for fire support (all that 'shock and awe' stuff they keep talking about).
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I think I'd take the National Guard, as most have had a number of tours already in Iraq & Afganistan. I may be wrong, but I don't think that the TA as units have BTDT all that much.

    I have to agree with Tartan_Terrier, some National Guard units are better then others and I would presume TA units would be the same. Doesn't the TA have SAS units? All of our non-active duty Special Forces Units are National Guard and all have deployed often to both places. They are well trained
  7. As long as the National Guard units didn't tear off in quick time when the rounds started coming down, screaming "get out of the killing zone" like in that Haliburton convoy ambush video....then yeah, they can come and play. :)
  8. Spams or British?

    Looking at Spams running 2nd rate prisions, Running away in contact, and chewing tabaco...I'll stick with UK TA forces every time. Bit of a silly question really.
  9. -Umm, yeah, except that was a Transportation unit, NOT Infantry :roll:
  10. Denfinitely British, at least they speak English.

    Well, on second thoughts, um ...
  11. I've only seen One TA unit, and you've disbanded it this year. They were Very Professional though(RIR*).

    We have good & bad NG Infantry Units. Some were under the old TO&E for M113 Mech, some are M2BFV, some Light. As "T-W" said there are several SF Units, LRSD's,etc.

    The old "E" Brigades were equipped to a high standard in the Infantry Bn's (M4's, AN/PVS-14's, AN/PEQ-2's, M2A2ODS, M1A1's,BFT,DAGR, etc.), then the Divisions.

    Now of those 15 brigades, 75% or better have been in either Iraq or A-Stan recently. In My state,(NY) all the Infantry Bn's had had a year in Iraq already. Same for Louisiana as well, Texas, Florida, Vermont, Hawaii, Guam, etc.

    Since late 2001 My unit has deployed twice , once for 13 month's & then again for 18 Month's.

    How does that compare to the TA?

    * ( one of their Cpl's is a legend in our Bn., he beat the shite out of our old Bn. CSM after a night of Bar-hopping in Manhatten) He rates a Pint anyday....
  12. pull up a sandbag and swing the light: do tell more
  13. The TA now has more ex reg's than ever before, And most unit's have been to iraq or afghan, And your forgetting one thing The TA is part of the British Army Which is the best Fighting force in the world, So it goes without saying that the TA is the one i would rather have on my flank, Having seen both TA and NG in Iraq.
  15. Depends national guard have more fire power.TA have no transport so wont be able to run away :D