TA Infantry Coy in Coventry or close to Stratford on Avon?

Does anyone know if there is an Inf Unit near to Coventry or Stratford on Avon? I have used the Search function and Google but haven't found anything, only Signals and REME, also Inf Units around B'ham.

I had read somewhere that there was an Inf Unit in Coventry but can't think where!

Any help appreciated.


5RRF used to be in Cov before becoming West Mids Regt then 4 Mercian. Nearest now is in Brum (A Coy 4 Mercian).

Keep your eyes open though, as rumours suggest that some TA Royal Signals units may re-badge as infantry following the TA review currently in progress.
Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.

From what you have said and from what I can see from searches on the internet, the TA Inf no longer exists in Coventry.

I am currently in France but hoping to return sometime within the next 12 months, my wife and I were planning to move to Dorset and so I have already enquired about the possibility of joining 6 Rifles. However, due to house prices down South and finding work, it looks like we'll be returing to Stratford upon Avon.

There is a local TA Centre in Stratford but they are Royal Signals, not really for me, I would rather go back to Infantry.

Looks like it could be RRF Company in Sheldon then.

Thanks again for the help.


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