TA Infantry assigned to BAOR 1989

mushroom said:
Hats - at least we got your trenches dug for you for Haigs visit - and still had time for a few beers.

Went back to Draculas castle this year, it was on the Leine not the Weser.

Happy days
I defer to your superior memory sir! I seem to remember a castle above the river, schloss marionburg?? still got me feet wet in the 6" of water in the bottom, oh and it rained too,
by the way, our local gazzette had picture's of the two Mr T's from 1978 the worse of the two stayed unfortunately, saw him in James Cook Hospital recently he was only visiting though!! damn!!!
putteesinmyhands said:
John_Charity_Spring said:
Am I alone in longing for a return to the days of the cold war?

I'd be 20 years younger! Yippee!
Me neither, as long as I can go back with the benifit of hindsight and do some things differntly (like not thinking that an innumerate cack handed idiot like me could EVER be any good in the artillery and joining the RMP at 18)
Georgethebear said:
I defer to your greater knowledge, London Irish. Apologies if you are upset, 4 RIrish Milan Pln certainly closer to the border!
They are exactly the people who would have fucked off! That platoon was always talking about taking the ferry over to Scotland and hiding in the Highlands with their families untill the T72s rolled up the pass...only kidding.

Pas de probleme mon brave :D 4Rirish ( now 2 ) was all over the UK, with one company in London, and the rest near the border, as you say, and in Belfast and Ballymena.

With companies in the capital, and in NI, it must have been the farest spread TA fighting unit, at the time.

I only mentioned legging it to have a laugh. From what I remember of the men I served with, most of them would have relished a war. Its why many of us joined, but should have been why all of us joined. (ie there wre a few wasters, as in any unit, full or part-time)

I just met with one, who aged 41, re-joined, having been in 4RIrish and 1RIrish ,in that order, and is now in the LIR coy of the London Regiment , and just came back from Afghanistan.

Complete nutter, and a hell of a man.
Gravelbelly said:
baboon6 said:
What was the role for the TA para battalions as Divisional Troops under 1st Armoured Div? Divisional reserve to be allocated to brigades as necessary?
Well, 15 PARA always seemed to be very well-informed on the subject of FIBUA...
On major CPXs (Summer Sales/Wintex) the Parachute Regiment Group were routinely deployed into an urban area. I can't remember the name - sure it began with an 'H' so possibly Hildesheim or Hanover.
Would that be 'Hammelburg', With a lovely DZ with tank hulks all over the place a few Km up the road?
Heard all about that landing, poor barsteward, did he ever walk again?.
I remember as a no.1 jumping that DZ thinking 'those tanks are right under us' as the red light came on, thinking of the bloke who landed in a tank hatch the year before :eek: . Thats what you call earning your jump pay mate.
another one with odd role and title may be wrong, not sure who the Bn came under
8QF - Nuclear Escort & Protection

I was there! Defence to 50 (?) Missile Regt if I remember rightly. Had an argument with APC in later years who had never heard of it, and it it may have been assigned as a HSF unit on paper. Dunno how that works.
arbogrunt said:
Would that be 'Hammelburg', With a lovely DZ with tank hulks all over the place a few Km up the road?
Nope - CPX - so no jumping or presence on the ground required. The more I think of it the more Hanover rings a bell but I really can't remember.

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