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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by westy22, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi, Ive just joined 3 PWRR and was wondering what basic training involves. If there is anyone on here who can enlighten me on the weekend training and what happens at CIC would be great. Thanks in advance westy
  2. I've done one of the "Challenge" courses which covered weekends 1 - 6 in a ten day course. It's a busy course because it's quite compressed but anyone of reasonable physical fitness and a positive attitude should have no problems.

    Topics covered include:

    Values and Standards of the British army etc. Lectures - loads of them.

    Basic Skill at arms - (dry weapons training - Quite a lot of this. no actual firing)

    Theory of Physical Training, nutrition, health and hygiene. More lectures - a lot of these on similar topics.

    Drill. Basic foot drill and marching.

    Gym sessions - sports or PT. Some short speed marches (intro to CFT)

    Living in the field. A couple of practical sessions over two days.

    Introduction to:

    Camouflage and concealment 1/2 hr.
    Range finding in the field 1/2 hr.
    Map reading 1/2 hr.
    Fire and manoeuvre 1 hr
    CBRN ( Chemical warfare etc. ) 1/2 hr intro to Respirator.
    Patrolling. Short field exercise one evening.

    Most of the week is classroom lessons and PT.
    I presume done over the weekends the syllabus will be similar.

    The Inf weekends after that include some shooting, NBC (sorry CBRN), living in the field etc and will presumably cover things such as map reading, first aid and other military basics at some point..

    Combat Infantry Course will cover the rest of actual Infantry work in a two week course from what I understand. Not there yet.

    Take as many changes of kit as you've got and don't forget some cleaning materials, washing powder, universal sink plug and compeed blister dressings.

  3. Westy which company are you?

    I'd recommend speaking to the other recruits at your company, and some of the junior soldiers who are fresh out of CIC, they won't bite!
  4. TA CiC linky good luck and welcome on board :)
  5. Hi Im in C Company. I have asked one of the corporals and they said it would be explained but still havent heard from anyone. tbh im getting fed up with a lot of shit already. Im supposed to be getting attested on weds but the OC has stood down for christmas and our PSAO is off sick!!!
  6. Just hang on you'll get used to it. Took me six months to get attested.
  7. Westy PM sent. Take a deep breath ;)
  8. Christ you must be a slow reader, took me seconds to recite this :D :

    "I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me."
  9. I'm Speshul! :slow:
  10. and senile :lol: :wink:
  11. You will get fecked about as a recruit and as a junior soldier, my only warning would be that if you're getting fed up with it now in the warmth of the TAC, what about on stag in the pissing rain during training?

    If you've been introduced to the rest of the recruits, they will know best about whats in store for you throughout training, plus they're more than likely to tell you it straight. You'll be attested before you know it and at CIC sooner than you thought, so just stick it out for now! :)
  12. C Coy..! You must already be proficient in most small arms use then! ;)

    Like the others have said you will get everything explained to you in good time, they arn't too bad a bunch and will look after you.
  13. hang in there the first test is all the paper work and the waiting
  14. Ex-Stab

    Good detailed post BUT... the OP asked about the weekend training...

    ... which will be held over nine weekends for Infantry. It will become gradually more demanding, and on weekend one you'll actually get to spemd the night in the field. The first six weekends will be done alongside Corps SUTs ( = Soldiers Under Training ); they then finish and weekends 7-9 are largely focussed on shooting and living in the field - sorts out your personal admin.

    Your weekends will be spent at Malta Barracks, which is by some margin the largest TA training wing in England. There are some excellent instructors there and the whole chain of command are focussed on the job.

    Key areas for you to focus on are fitness and weapon handling.

    You've joined a good bunch.
  15. thanks for the advice lads, im really desperate to get on the 2011 afghan tour, hopefully ill pass training in time and get some experiance so i can go