TA Inf to Regular Inf

Hello chaps,

Currently TA Infantry looking to make the move to Regular.

Could anyone in the know confirm the following still applies:

- I'll have to go through all the paper work again (even though I'm on JPA)
- I'll have to do full ADSC
- I'll have to start the CIC from day 1 week 1

Also, anyone who made a similar move - Did being ex TA help or hinder you during Training? Obviously I'm guessing having a head start on Phys and the subjects covered help but did the staff make your life anymore difficult than everyone elses? Was it a ball ache learning how to do drill at the halt when 6 weeks before you'd been doing field firing?

Gen questions, any answers appreciated. If I come across as a little arrogant it's not intended, If I have to go through all this then I'll do it anyway and keep my head down - just looking for a heads up really.

Paper work wise, I'm about 60% certain you have to drop out of the TA and re apply for the regs, but dont quote me on that. If you have a stripe you can bypass doing CIC and going straight into the regs as long as you agree to drop your strip, but that is battalion dependent (a few of my mates have entered the regs this way, after completing a tour that is). Hopefully at least one the things I have posted are useful to you!
When your instructors find out you are ex TA they will expect you to 'shine' in weapons handling, range work and on the training exercises.

If your joining the Guards then on the drill square they don't give a shite if your straight from civi street, Junior Leader, TA, Airborne or SAS you are all idle fcukers and get beasted all the same! It is a real leveller but once you have done basic you know can drill to Guards standard (which is bloody high) and it gives you just that extra bit of confidence and personal discipline over the rest of the guys who join the infantry.

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