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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gos2488, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. HI,

    Serving Firearms Cop. Thinking of applying for TA Infantry Officer and got some questions that someone will hopefully answer.

    I'm 33 and wear contact lenses. Will the contacts be an issue living in the "field" etc? (apologies if the lingo is incorrect).

    Secondly, I'm told that the TA is now certainly not (if ever) a boys club and that deployment is quite possible, can anyone clarify if you HAVE to deploy and if your having doubts about that if your not in the correct mindset anyway?

    Thirdly, would the leadership/manageement training courses I receive in any TA officer branch be excellent and assist with the day job?

    Thanks in advance.....
  2. Why Infantry, have you not considered RMP?
  3. 1. Contacts - depends on type doesn't it? I have known some people use (survive) in the field with contacts, and others bring glasses only for in the field.

    2. TA normally has 3 states of deployment. 1. You want to go and are happy - they will send you when it is your turn if you haven't volunteered in the interim. 2. You want to go but your employer doesn't want you to - the TA will formally mobilise you so your employer is legally obliged to keep your job open and won't know you chased the tour. 3. Your circumstances are such that you don't want to go at the given time. The TA will try not to use you if this is the case but if needs must, you signed the dotted line - tough biscuits, you're going compulsorily. I don't understand 'mindset'. If you mean your personal circumstances or mental equilibrium are shot, then you will tell your healthcare professional who will sign you off sick from such things - either in civvy street who will sign you off all work or in your pre-deployment medical, when 'stress' type problems could lead to a 'rubber gun chit' preventing you deploying so you don't paint the ceiling of your accommodation brain grey with your issued weapon. If you mean you disagree with the moral argument for any given deployment you don't get a choice (a la Iraq). Sign the line, you are in.

    3. Any qualifications particularly leadership and management will not help with the day job per se (ie you won't get access to tactics that will make your firearms team the rinky-dink SWAT of the world) but will help if you are a leader or manager of the team, ie skipper or inspector then undoubtedly access to one of the world's premier officer trg academies will only help.

    Also bear in mind a force has to authorise TA and not all do - something to do with your liability to call out to assist the Chief Constable in times of emergency, against your TA mobilisation liabilities. If in doubt don't sign the dotted line.

    Hope this helps,
  4. Gos, you know those PCSO chaps you see knocking about your station?

    That'll be you but in DPM.
  5. Many Thanks for that detailed reply.

    By Mindset, I mean I'm not decided yet as to whether I WANT to deploy. Would this frame of mind suggest I'm not really what the TA is after...
  6. To be honest, once you have progressed through application, gone through TA commissioning course and settled in to your unit, in theory we should be drawing down from Afghan. Mobilisation should, therefore, be rarer and potentially difficult to achieve with more volunteers than spaces.
  7. Why wouldn't you? It's what your there for, it's dependant on the reasoning behind it I guess, some people do the TA for the extra cash, some do it for the challenges soldiering brings, some do it for free holidays and some do it because they can't get a girlfriend, I'd suggest if you don't want to deploy you f**k off and find a different hobby, because we don't need other wasters lacking the ethusiasm and passion a good TA soldier needs to be effective.
  8. Lenses are not a problem, I wear them and have not had any problems in the field, or when deployed.
    Why do you want to be an officer? The only reason I ask is that I am involved in TA officer trg, and as I have said elsewhere, I often encounter people who are not sure why they want to lead soldiers- be sure of your reasons.
    Re deployments- as someone else has said- by the time you are Lt Goss2488 we will be drawing down from Afg, so you will probably get the chance to deploy if you want to, but opportunities will be few.
  9. Harsh words there.

    About these tours, what were yours like?
  10. His tour in the QMs must have been a good 'un considering all the pants issue crap he was flogging.....and not sending to the sad ***** buying it.
  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    To quote Chris Isaacs 'What a wicked thing to do'

    But what do you expect from a dirty gareth.
  12. Im interested in being an officer so I can develop myself as a leader and would like to lead/help/put my soldiers first. I'm degree educated so this also seems a logical choice although I understand there are some very bright, able non officers.

    Certainly, there's an element of self service there as id love to go to RMAS and as I say develop myself. Always had an interest in the military. Doing the research now to avoid wasting people's time.
  13. As suggested look at RMP.
  14. Wouldn't that be a bit of a busmans holiday?
  15. I'd settle that "Tour" thing first. If you "Don't want to go" - at all, ever - then I question why you are thinking of the TA. If its a question of " Difficult just now because of...." then thats a bit more understandable.

    Will Officer Training make you a better Senior Cop ? It will certainly give you a different view on teamwork and leadership.