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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by CamNostos, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Looking for some clarification here; a friend and I left the Army nearly two years ago in similar circumstances and are looking to join the TA.

    He wants to join his local Battalion, having completed a tour (H10) as an OP Ack in the Arty (ended up doing the job of a MFC) like myself.

    Will he still have to do the Phase Two equivalent? It seems fairly pointless for him to go up ITC when he can piss everything on the two week course. Would this be decided by the TAC on an individual basis or is there set procedure?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. All depends on Glasgow now bn/units did have a say if you needed cic or refresher now cenralised
  3. Probabably best to speak to the PSAO but I expect they would pull up service record, see H10 as well as regular service and the fact 2 years is seriously **** all time to have been out, and tick the box, I expect you may even be allowed to rejoin at your previous rank and grade :salut:
  4. Nope. 2 years is the break point. Over 2 years and you start again. I don't know anyone who got past this rule.
  5. Ok, break point aside, would they have to do a refresher CIC but still be allowed at previous rank/grade? I don't expect a former full screw or a serjeant reg would like the idea of a refresher and being lampooned under a lance jank STAB :)
  6. Best bet speak to the PSAO, while 2 years might be the break point, most TA units would welcome the experience and try to bend the rules where possible. Might have to do a refresher, afaik its more of a weekend affair than a whole two weeks of 'this is a barrel' etc.

    Out of interest what area of the country are you guys looking in?
  7. In the Notts/Derby Area, he's looking at F Coy, 4 Mercian. I've been making some enquires into the Int Corps but may just go Inf with him.

    Well we both got out Dec '10. If its a case of doing two weeks at ITC then fine, the range time would be worth the **** about. If they are expecting experienced soldiers to do Phase 1 (looks like it takes a year in the TA!) they can ram it up their hoop.
  8. Yeah... you won't be doing Phase1 again. Refresher would be 2 weeks at the most, I doubt even that to be honest. I had a friend from 4 Mercs that went over to 23 SAS in birmingham, if you're still fit you may as well give that a crack.
  9. If you do need to repeat phase one (which i doubt) you can do that as a 2 weeker as well either at pirbs or malta
  10. Yeah I'm still in good shape, swim a mile before work most days, run a PFT in sub 9:30. However I did have knee surgery a couple of years back and know for a fact that I would not pass Endurance - I would not get off the area without arthritis in my knee as it has no cartilage. I am graduating in a year so may look at Commissioning options - have no idea how that would work though, or if getting in the TA now would hurt or help my chances!
  11. Um... Dec 2012 compared to Dec 2010... less than 2 years, I expect the PSAO will welcome you with open arms :dance:
  12. Again its not PSAO's call any more its all down to Glasgow
  13. Yeah, I said in my OP that it was nearly two years. Anyone know the opportunities within TA Inf Battalions? How difficult is it to get on AOSB? Any courses really worth pushing for?
  14. Hmm... Glasgow... I'm sure they're not as snobby as it seems, with a tour under his belt especially
  15. What do you mean by this? Do the TA have no level of independence or element of bilateral decision making with their Glaswegian overlords?