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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. I'm trying to figure out the numbers and in what context the TA Inf has been used recently. As far as I can tell this is the list of Inf TA units-

    The London Regiment
    6 R Scots
    7 R Scots
    4 DLT
    4 Yorks
    3 PWRR
    5 RRF
    3 R Anglian
    4 Mercian
    3 R Welsh
    2 R Irish
    4 Para
    6 Rifles
    7 Rifles

    Can anyone help me find out what they've done and where they did it?


    T C
  2. DLT? The Hairy Cornflakes? :lol:
  3. The late unlamented RRV Sent plt to op finegal winter o2 plt to telic 3
    and coy to telic 5 plus various ir all over the place.
    Irs have been flavour of the month with 3 pwwr for a while .
  4. 6 Rifles had ten or so mob'd on telic 1 (they were Rifle Volunteers at the time), Coy(-) on fingal 03-04, Coy on telic 4 in 04, Coy to Herrick in 05, Pl(-) to herrick with 7 rifles 06-07 and are trawling for Coy to go on Herrick this year.
    Plus all the usual IR's to various theatre's.

    If you check the Army website, it should tell you all this info for the units you've listed.
  5. Variations on stagging on at Bastion, according to a chap I know on the last Londons deployment! (Someone's got to, of course, and Helmand is probably not the time to find out if 24 days really does equal 300-odd...)
  6. Thanks for all the feedback and PM's. All I really know about is the Londons and from what I can gather they've deployed 3 Coys + IR's on Telic and Herrick and I was just trying to see if that was about average.

    T C
  7. 3 R Welsh deployed 40 odd on Telic 10 with 2 R Welsh, and there were also significant numbers on Telic's 3 and 7 with what was then the RRW (now 2 R Welsh).

    There were also guys on FTRS to 1 R Welsh in Cyprus last summer who went to Iraq and Afghan for periods of time as part of the theatre reserve.

    There have also been odds and sods who volunteered to go with FP Coys and as IRs to other regiments.
  8. R.Irish,
    Coy to Telic war phase, PLT on Telic 4, IR's to other Telic and Afghan Ops and a Coy in Afghan at the moment. This is by no means exhaustive, just the stuff I know about.
    Not a bad effort considering we where until last year, only really two and half Coy's strong. I do however get the feeling there is yet another Telic coming up :? :?
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    4 Para

    120 Pax as IRs to 1 and 3 Para for Telic 1
    Formed Pl for FP on Telic 3
    Formed Coy(-) approx 70 pax FP Telic 7
    Approx 40 IRs to 3 Para for Herrick 4
    Approx 70 IRs to 2 and 3 Para for Herrick 8 (mobilised or mobilising now)
  10. We're not there yet, mate - flight's been delayed... 8O
  11. 3 PWRR have sent various IR's on Telics and Herricks since their start but also

    Formed Plt(+) as part of the Kabul Patrol Coy, Afghan 2003
    Formed Plt doing FP on Op Telic 6

    Currently have 30+ Pax mobilising for Herrick 8 in 16AA Bde

    Will also provide significant number of IR's for 1PWRR for their upcoming tour later on this year
  12. The London Regiment were out in Afgan last year from March 07 to Oct 07

    There is also guys from 3 PWRR as mentioned out on tour at moment and more going out later this year.
  13. 4 Merc has provided individuals to 2 Merc so far and has future tasks. 4 Merc was created from WMR, LCV and EER- all of which provided formed coy's to Telics and pltns to Fingal and IRs to Herrick.
  14. Aye, I heard this morning from the Laurelvale Ape, :lol: :lol: you'll get there soon enough, take advantage of the downtime bud :lol: :lol: stay safe brother.

  15. Londons in coy strength telic 3 and 4 and IR's on telic 1 2 6 and 7 I believe.............