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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Just looked at my last few payslips and notice i'm on the wrong tax code. I'm on 647L same as my day job, so Im getting my tax allowance twice. Ive not paid tax on TA job when I should have so I now owe the tax man a couple of hundred quid. This is due to mobilising last year and after demobbing last May it seems my tax code wasnt changed back. Its also happened to some lads I went on tour with. Just advising those whose demobbed recently to have a check the tax code should start with BR.

    If your on the wrong tax code a simple call to the tax office will rectify the problem.
  2. Yep ring them, I was on 40% rate and unemployed
  3. HMRC have managed to create chaos in Tax Coding .... see link ....


    Their pick up rate on Telephone calls is dreadful .
  4. Got mine through today and it is 0T. Not quite BR and not the correct D, but it will do.
  5. tell me about it I was on hold for 25 mins today
  6. I got a letter from them telling me any TA pay would be taxed at 40%, I'm not complaining though, they might start digging deeper :eek:
  7. Huhh? You on Pop stars wages for 220 days year plus ?

    You should be on BR at base rate otherwise...
  8. Hardly, you just need to have more than £37,400 in taxable income from your main job. Much as I'd love a D code - just to simplify things - apparently one of the computers won't accept it (although JPA is the obvious target, I think it is a mainframe issue.)
  9. To get the tax code corrected on your JPA record fill in a P46 (or P38 for students, both available from HMRC website) and get your HR Admin to post it to Mailpoint 335 at APC who will amend your record. PAYE Reference is 948/WZ82056 for all Services. If they don't believe you tell them to read JPA Op Bulletin 1001-003. Simples.
  10. I've just rang them, and the advice they gave is wait and I'll get a rebate in the future?

    I'm on an unpaid career break, and now a full time student. Left work end of June 09, and return 1st July 10. I'm on BR for TA pay, meaning I'm getting taxed 20% when its my only income/student/poor/hungry etc.
  11. I had the opposite problem in that the new code I received for my civvy job hadn't any deductions for benefits in kind (mainly the staff mortgage), so I would have been better off. But being the good citizen I am and not wanting my allowance to be doubly reduced next year I gave them a ring and got it sorted in about 5 minutes (plus 10 minutes in a queue).

    Still going to have to pay 40% on my TA pay though even if I don't do as much OT/on-call this year to push my civvy wage up enough to warrant it. Still I suppose it will mean I get taxed less next year.
  12. Check your National Insurance position as well. It is quite possible to pay too much through having more than one employment.

    "Making sure you don’t overpay National Insurance
    Avoiding overpayment if you have more than one job
    You may be able to ‘defer’ some of your contributions to prevent an overpayment if both of the following apply:

    you pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions with two or more different employers
    you expect to pay contributions on weekly earnings of at least £844 in one job or £954 in two jobs throughout the tax year
    To apply you can either complete form CA72A Application for deferment of payment of Class 1 National Insurance contributions, or write to:

    HM Revenue & Customs
    National Insurance Contributions Office
    Deferment Services
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE98 1ZZ

    The deadline for applying is 14 February in the relevant tax year."
  13. Ha.. I was told its basically my problem and Ive got to contact the tax man
  14. Ok your unit is clearly not helping you out so here's what to do. Fill in the front of the P46 and sign it. Insert the PAYE reference above on the back but leave the address details blank. Where it asks for employee/payroll number put your service number. Post it to Process Team, MP 335, Army Personnel Centre, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, GLASGOW, G2 8EX who will update your record on JPA with the correct tax code.
  15. Im the opposite,should be paying 40% with TA but Im not,same with me working for BMF a few hrs a month,cant decide whether to ring them or not,can open worms everywhere.Ignorance is bliss in my world.