TA in the Park

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Any one know how SC is going?
  2. [70's tache] [dodgy perm wig] [dodgier scouse accent]

    Calm down, calm down

    [/70's tache] [/dodgy perm wig] [/dodgier scouse accent]

    it's only been going 4 days FFS
  3. yeah but, no but, yeah but..... first impressions an' all that, besides I hope it's running smoothly 'til at least I get there!
  4. More like. it's running smoothly.. 8O

    Then you appear and Chaos. :wink:
  5. Is this a bit like proms in the park?
  6. Tar in the park ?

    Do they round up all the mongs, coat them in pitch then drive past in an icecream van so they all run after it mlaaring and bumping into one another resulting in one giant mong shaped ball ?
  7. Then give them lighters to play therefore provide self illuminating moving targets as an extra for the LNV shoot!
  8. Whats this all about?
  9. Just an excuse for the jocks to wind each other up.

    Saying that who needs an excuse, I've seen their attempt at a CFT for charidee......

  10. Ouch!!
  11. No excuses ever needed, we did it for the good cause & the fact it counted as a CFTwas a bonus, besides the views(well some of them) were worth it!
  12. Hopefully She Has'nt got any photos. I've heard that black is the new green.
  13. Why d'you think I wear it! I've got photos but they're not for the faint hearted, offers anyone?not to show them that is.
  14. I'll raise you an Ice Cream, any flavour.
  15. and a balloon?