TA in the North East

Can anyone give me any info on the TA in the N east of UK? I am after a possible posting as a reg into a TA unit. Just wondered what the rank range would be before i waste a slot on the posting proforma. I am a cpl , crypto trained and with plenty of mil skills. looking at coming off the next promotion board in june 07. however may be be posted in april 07. any help in this matter would be appreciated.
now now no-neck, tis a sensible question, someone might no of somewhere he's particularly suited to, word of mouth can get you a long way!
..sorry slopey, i'm attached to the TA in the north east (as a medical cadet), but don't know owt useful4u @ the mo.

Oh dear, 'Txtspk' crap. I DETEST this horror and, as a Moderator with an inflated sense personal power will delete it whenever I can in future. Be warned :x - OS the Mod.
johnjohn said:
RMR aberdeen

medicas in aberdeen

Signals in aberdeen

infantry in aberdeen

take your pick
Aberdeen? Hardly the North East of the UK is it?

There's an Infantry unit in Wick and en Engineer Troop in Kirkwall :D

edited after Wessex Warrior pointed out I can't tell my East from West. No news for those to whom I give OS :D Although in my defence, I had listed units in the N East and not N West . . . . .

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