TA in Sports Competitions

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mccon803, May 26, 2008.

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  1. The TA should be allowed to compete against Regular Soldiers

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  2. The TA should Not be allowed to compete against Regular Soldiers

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  1. I am an NRPS with a TA unit. I teach them to Canoe and try to encourage some of them further into the sport. One way I do this is to push them forward into competitions which they are happy to do....but when I try to enter them into a military competition, they in most cases can only compete as guests and are not eligible to take away a prize should they achieve a win. WHY They are allowed to win a medal when they go to Iraq or Afgan with Regulars... What do you think :?
  2. AIUI, different Army Sports have different arrangements. I agree that where there isn't a separate TA <insert sport here> Association, or an active TA/Reserve Forces Championships, that the TA should be allowed to compete. It may be that they're scared you'll walk away with all the silverware :)

    In my sport, there is an Inter-Services Championships, where the TA provides a separate team from the Regulars; everyone is eligible to compete for the individual title.

    What irritated me was that Reservists weren't allowed to be members of the Combined Services team for the match against England that was normally arranged for the final day of the Championships (apart from the year of Foot&Mouth, when it was the only way to make up a sensible team). There was an insistence that there needed to be a "Combined Reserve Services" team if we wanted to join in.