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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cacman, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. I'm extremely interested in joining the TA, there is a unit in Southampton where i live, however seeing as i dont drive i would probably be unable to get there (Hurdle number 1)

    also i did join the regulars, and i was MD'd from basic training with an ankle injury, what is the process for this sort of situation (Hurdle 2)

    and then theres the "Other Half", although a box of All gold and a bunch of flowers and she'll say yes to anything (hurdle 3 over)

    is there anyone on here serving in the TA unit in Southampton, if so would you be able to let me what is like,

    Oh i'm specifically looking at the Artillery Battery based there.

    thanks for any advice in advance
  2. buy a bike as norman tebbit said . As long as not medically down graded should be ok. oh as i live in portsmouth now obligtory die scummer die :lol: good luck
  3. For general info, what they do etc
    The webpage for the Arty Regt is:
    And there is a page on 457 Bty in Southampton.

    Just pop in on a tuesday night or phone them to spk to the Recruiting Team.
  4. The cloud puncher battery might not be the best place to go, the TA are losing their LLAD role. We've got a lad just transferred down from there to Hilsea in Portsmouth, and a good 30% of C coys Orbat is from the Southhampton area.


  5. Not quite true, 106 Regt, of which the Southampton Bty is a part, is keeping the CAD (HVM) and AD (FSC) roles.

    104 and 105 Regts are Re-roling.
  6. Good luck Scummer !!
  7. Thanks HVB_Boy for pointing that out to our Infantry friends! I was going to phrase it as 'I don't believe that is entirely correct' rather than 'You're talking out of your arrse.co.uk'. :)

    The Southampton Battery is also the most recruited TA unit in the South (SERFCA region), which speaks for itself really. And currently has most people deployed on Telic!
  8. Well Up the Carabiniers i say :D
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm....might not be your scene but there is also TA element which works out of Marchwood - 165 Port & Maritime Regt RLC(TA).

    They are mostly Port operators but also have a small vessel troop which operates mexeflotes, Ramped craft Logisitic and Landing Craft.

    if you are interested PM me.

    Le Chevre
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    Warning, cloud punchers are butt of rest of arty's jokes! As they couldn't hit a barn door at 10 metres, mind you, if it's going mach 2, there might be a slight excuse there. I am loving my time in arty, but I'm on training in light gun bty. so a bit diff. To be honest I've heard air defence is a bit boring, but since I've never done it, can't comment. Up the artillery anyway, the senior regiment in the army I believe.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Nov 13th - St Mary's.......

    There can be only one! 8)
  12. The RA unit at Southampton is the best recruited, but then cities and towns with huge numbers of students tend to have this problem, and it is a problem . They may get more recruits but retention of said recruits is nearly impossible. Most opt to move to more highly visible units that have better funding or do more interesting jobs. HVM isn't exactly a black art, but its not exactly glamorous, especially when the kit will never be used operationally, except on Stormer vehicles which only the regs have.
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    I must say, hit, nail & head come to mind there clerk. I myself admit I was only planning on doign about a year with the terriers before going regular, but am having so much fun that I might do 2 or 3. Get superfit & poo hot on military skills in those years then join the mob with a good start. Touch wood anyway.
  14. I know the afore mentioned lad who transferred to the Infantry in Portsmouth very well (ok, i AM the lad in question). The Soton artillery battery is a good outfit with great guys but the kit and the job is a pain in the arrse. If you think you can put up with living in a 2ft by 2ft pitch black space in the back of a pinzgaur truck wih lots of nasty sharp edges and crap driving then HVM is the way to go. I found 457 a thoroughly enjoyable unit to serve with for nearly 18 months while they were doing lots of infantry work. As soon as i had experienced two weeks solid air defence i canned it - i just didn't find it interesting or challenging. <no offence to anyone still serving in AD or HVM - great guys, crap kit>
  15. As I said Tues, I find it odd that an AD Bty has Pinzs, and yet my old Field Bty had RB-44s. You lads still only get one live round a year?