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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by forniup, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Due to the Mrs being Irish and in charge. We will shortly be relocating to ROI. I have looked into it and know that I can stay in the TA and transfer to a unit in NI.
    Are there any Arrsers out there who live in ROI and travel up or do you know of any? I just want to know the challenges there might be ahead of me being in the TA and living/working in Ireland.
    My Main worries are time off for camp, mobilisation, how being a member of the reserves is viewed by employers in Ireland

  2. Three problems in the first 2 sentances! :wink:

  3. I'm fairly sure that you need to reside at a UK address to be in the TA. The Republic of Ireland does not count.

    If (and it's a big IF) you were able to stay in the TA, employers in the Republic will not give you any time off, and you will have no protection of job if mobilised - it is a different country, UK law does not apply.

    You could always join the Irish army equivalent, An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil (FCA)! http://www.military.ie/reserves/fca.htm
  4. You can reside in another country and be in the TA, but they will only cover travelling costs within the UK and your service is, as with a great many things, at the CO's discretion.
  5. Having just finished phase 1a in the company of a TA medic who was born in and resides in NI I can't see that there is a problem with this. I might be wrong but I can recall the previous 5 Div ACG telling me that he had TA units based in NI that he was visiting.

    This means that the UK mainland residency thing isn't a necessity and you'll find:

    40 Sig Regt, medical units galore, RLC, RAC, MI, RA and more besides.

    Stick your NI to be postcode in the box on this site

    TA - In your area

    and Robert will probably be the brother of your sister,


  6. you can join a NI unit but they are not exactly close to the border :wink:
  7. Forniup, there are no dramas with you relocating to the ROI & joining a TA unit in NI - in fact, you'll be positively welcomed. There are several lads in the Rangers who come from the south.

    However, I don't think southern employers will support you, but I'm not 100% about that.
  8. There are many examples of people living in the ROI and commuting to TA units in NI. RANGERS are, indeed, a good example.

    Simply decide upon which Unit you wish to transfer to and ask your present PSAO to start the paperwork. There may be a delay in transfer due to sy paperwork but no more than that.

    Good luck.
  9. Yes, come join us, we have units in Armagh and Enniskillen and if your the other end of the other side :) there are good units in Limavady and stroke city.


    PM for details, but I'd imagine your PSAO could answer most of your questions