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I'm currently a sergeant in the Irish equivalent of the TA (however there is a high possibility that the establishment will be cut in the near future by approx 83% due to budget cuts).

I'm from south of Dublin so would be unable to attend on weeknights (so that would probably mean a specialist unit with lower training demands)... but would be interested to hear what the TA has to offer in the North.

Is there many from the south that are members?
At one time my unit had 2 guys who travelled up from Dublin for weekends with the TA.

However they had joined the TA in the mainland UK and had moved to Dublin with their civvy work. I don't know of anyone from over the border who has joined the TA.
It has been done, I know of one recruit who drove from Dundalk to his TAC in full CB95, he was then informed of some realities of life.
I dont believe you can join from and reside in the ROI, I stand to be corrected however. A friends younger brother was wanting to do SC09 but when he rang up the recruiting line they told him "computer says no"
If anyone has the finite details please PM me as my m8's Bro is a good egg.

They could have filled SC09 four times over but had a finite limit, that is probably why.
We had a 2lt from sligo living in belfast. A guy I work with was also irish ta and asked about joining, I do the recruitment in my unit and was able to find out that he can join but this mainly because he is from belfast.
Anyway, to answer your question, yes you can join, just dont ring palace barracks, ring the unit you would like to join and they could sort you out a bit quicker. Good Luck!!
There are no National units as such in NI but there are plenty of lower commitment jobs in units.

I wouldnt worry too much about the training nights especially at the min!

I know of two guys from Dublin who travelled up to our unit and doesnt seem to have done their career any harm! May take a bit longer to get through the various stages if your not about as much, but with plenty of previous experience of how system works you should have no problems.

F_A_B not sure what problems your friend faced, I suspect if someone was to try and escalate it it would be pushed through, the precident is there so unless the rules have changed in the last year or two it shouldnt be a problem.
You might end up with a RAuxAF sqn in NI to choose from too...

They don't have drill nights as such.

From the lips of a senior crab.

A consequence of the RAuxAF's remit to increase its footprint and recruit more widely, as well as the normalisation of the security situation in NI.

(Might take a little while for the 'flash' of inspiration to become the 'bang' of the gates opening wide...)

Waldorfmuppet said:
There are no National units as such in NI but there are plenty of lower commitment jobs in units.
Any suggestions of units?

Just been on the RAuxAF site ... there's no unit at Aldergrove (or anywhere in NI)? or is it to be a new unit?
Dont know what your background or current unit is, but its posible to 'tick-over' in any of the main units in NI just doing weekends and camp.

There are some smaller units like RMP and INT CORPS which although do have training nights you would not miss much by only coming up for the weekends.

There is the likes of the Regional Training Centre that although have quite a big commitment, you would need to have been in one of the main units for a while first before transfering over. There are various units of watchkeepers etc that accept soldiers/officers on a low commitment though usually after experience in other units.

If you do want to come up to join the TA up here dont worry too much about the weeknight training. Just pick the type of unit you want/will suit you best and carry on.
FrogPrince said:
You might end up with a RAuxAF sqn in NI to choose from too...

They don't have drill nights as such.

Also RNR Unit, HMS CAROLINE, in Belfast. Various branches available but these vary from time to time. Not sure how Caroline runs things, but for most other RNR units for New Entry they generally like you in most drill nights but after that most training is done at weekends. You will probably, however, qualify for entry directly onto the trained strength and avoid all that.

As an aside, it may be easier and cheaper to fly on one of the discount airlines to units near, for instance, London, Birmingham or Manchester.
In the near future, I suspect the TA will be cut by 83% due to budgets...

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