TA in newcastle


hello everyone, i've been accepted to join the regulars engineers. However recently i was offered preety good job, so i'm weighing my options open. I've got a few questions i hope you's can answer.

has anyone served in the engineers or signal squadron in newcastle? how long would it take to get trade trained and what trades are open to me? whats it like? how much of my free time would i need to give? Also what are the opportunties like to get mobilized?

Anyone from any other TA unit in the newcastle area who could sell me their unit. Would like to keep my options open.



I've just joined the QOY at Newcastle, not been there long but I had a very warm welcome. They seem to have good training opportunities, a well organised training programme and good links with reg regiments- I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in training with them. Web site is: http://www.army.mod.uk/qoy/d_nh_sqn/index.htm
They parade on a tues at Fenham. Worth coming down and having a look, even if you're thinking of a different trade. I'd certainly suggest looking at a good few TA regts before you make a firm decision, as they're all very different.
I have a friend who is an officer at the engineers in Newc, so if you PM me your email I can ask her to get in touch with you. But turning up to the different units and chatting to the blokes is probably the best way of getting a feel for where you'd be best off.