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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by butters, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. gonna pop into the careers office today after ive had my haircut to check out what the crack is, i understand theres been some issues with TA units lately and was wondering what to expect before i go in? cheers
  2. Well when I went in there was a Staff Sergeant who looked and talked at me like I was sht on his shoe and a Corporal who was reasonably helpful. I'd suggest that you may do better contacting the units you're interested in directly.
  3. I had to resign some paperwork in Leeds careers, I especially liked the rotund, spotty and uniquely pretty female staffy who looked me up and down with obvious disgust before getting the boss down from upstairs.

    Nip down Carlton Barracks mate, some good stuff there, a mate is with the RMR det, loves it, good progressive training, plenty of trips away and loads of fat Stab gunner birds to harrass across the way.
  4. is it really as simple as just turning up to the barracks? i only ask because i actually live about 400 yards from them so it would save me the hassle of mingling with the vast scum of leeds centre 8)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Yes. Just go along on their drill night.

  6. Go in on Tuesday night mate, (I think, ill confirm it and PM you), have a chat and look around, they work the course well, 2 nights a week instead of the usual 1 (1 night of phys, 1 training, again, I think !) The good thing long term is that the Royal Marines deploy regularly and get out on some pretty good overseas jollys and in my time only once can I remember no RMR being with us. Also when your hooped on a Sunday you only have to drag your stinking bones 400 yards home ! Bonus
  7. any idea when and how id go about it? or do i just rock up in some 95's and a gillie suit and maroon beret, ready to be the top sniper
  8. Well if you live anywhere near those honking flats, and have the same dull patter when you turn up, id head over to the signals detachment.
  9. haha nah i live in the shadow of the big rusty building thats just been built for no good reason, i'll be happy doing whatever really!
  10. also, do i need to bring owt with me like ID? i still dont know how me just walking into a drill night will be percieved haha
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Do a quick google for their number, or it will probably be advertised on the building somewhere. Give them a call and make an appointment to go in and see them rather than just turning up at the gate. Some units run formal recruit briefings on a regular basis where you will be given a detailed presentation etc, rather than just turning up on-spec and being shown around by whoever happens to be available that night.

    When you have realised that dressing up in women's rig and being a NOD for a year is not for you, get yourself over to Pudsey and see 4 Para. Afghanistan awaits next year if you pass your recruit course and P Coy first time!
  12. Hi Butters. I recently joined the Churchill barracks, passed RSW in June, so I'm still quite the newbie. What is it you want to do in the TA? To be honest I'm still deciding so there's no big issue until you are a trained soldier, apparently. The recruitment office is open tonight so you could always pop in there and check out some info. Do you live in the city centre?

  13. Which Barracks was this mate :twisted: ?
  14. You really don't need to make an appointment. Well in my barracks anyway, just turn up around 1930 tonight at churchill barracks (I'm not sure about the other barracks mate, sorry) it's completely informal. Just get some info. you are generally asked a couple of questions and given a bunch of forms to fill. To be honest I found in easier than I expected. If you need any info, based on if you do go to the Churchill barracks, I'll be happy to help.
  15. aye by the uni's. and by recruitment office do you mean the city centre one or are you talking about one of the barracks? im open to suggestion with regards to trade, although preferably something at carlton for conveniance sake. also thanks for the info duke, its something id consider once im driving and have got my fitness back up to scratch.