TA in glasgow

Hi all, im trying to find a list of TA centres in Glasgow prefably in the ibrox area. I know theres an RLC in Cathcart and an RE in Paisley, are there any others?

Also any advice in giving a lazy assed friend a kick up the ass to go would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
Dont tell your friend its a job!!!! Just say that there is a bar in the building! Oh and he can get free food!
get urself along to the RE in paisley! we're a good bunch and we dont bite too much!! if your friend is so inclined then there is also the REME at bansford bridge, get to them through the RE
205 Field hospital in Govan, If you fancy a wee drive try D Coy 7 Scots in Dumbarton 20 minutes give or take.

Oh and there is a TA unit in Cambuslang
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