TA in glasgow

Hi all, im trying to find a list of TA centres in Glasgow prefably in the ibrox area. I know theres an RLC in Cathcart and an RE in Paisley, are there any others?

Also any advice in giving a lazy assed friend a kick up the ass to go would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
Dont tell your friend its a job!!!! Just say that there is a bar in the building! Oh and he can get free food!
get urself along to the RE in paisley! we're a good bunch and we dont bite too much!! if your friend is so inclined then there is also the REME at bansford bridge, get to them through the RE
I can vouch for 6 SCOTS HQ Coy, good bunch of lads, juniors and seniors alike.
205 Field hospital in Govan, If you fancy a wee drive try D Coy 7 Scots in Dumbarton 20 minutes give or take.

Oh and there is a TA unit in Cambuslang
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