TA in Canada

Hi all,

I have been looking for a job and have been offered a job that would require at least two years in canada which is great!

now i have heard that its is possible for a TA soldier to go to canada and attach themselves to a local canadian reserve forces unit and was wondering if any of you enlighted ones could tell me anthing about this? like how long is the maximum it can go on for, who would pay me i guess my home unit and in what currency, would i still be able to get my bounty, etc.

thanks for any info

I've not actually heard of this but you can apply for a stay of execution, sorry, leave of absence , for an extended period.
I was actually in a similar position a few years ago but sadly it never went ahead. I emailed someone at the Canadian embassy and fired off a similar email to the recruitment enquiries department of their website.

As I remember they are happy to consider us Brits, but it depends on a few things I now can't remember. Best bet is to ask, and put it to your PSI or PSAO to see what they think or if they can help.
There is now a formal MOU between the UK and Canada that covers this. Ask your Adj for a contact in DRFC - they have all the gen (it's in a DI somewhere but I can't remember which one).

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