TA in Bexleyheath??????/

Can any of you give me the lowdown on the TA unit in Bexleyheath? I have been on the website but it doesn't seem to say much. What do they do, how they do it etc

I was more after some sort of "insider" knowledge. I am an ex reg (para) who has just moved into the area and is considering joining. I just wanted to see if anyone had the gen before I tipped up and wasted my time.

Only person I know in BexleyHeath is in the HAC, but if you're ex-Para you'd probably prefer an easier life.

If the HAC appeals, I'll get my man to talk to you - he may even split the recruiting bounty with you**.

** may be a Mars Bar by the time you get through the admin.
Bexleyheath is both HQ Sqn 71 Sig Regt and 265 Sig Sqn. I'm not there personally but there is probably the biggest choice of trade there as you will get in the TA with both REME, AGC and SIGS trades availiable. All i can say is if your interested or just curious, pop round on a tues night an see.