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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Krettin, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Have heard on the grapevine that, with the exception of a few IRs, the only TA contingent to Afghanistan will be platoon sized to stag- on at Camp Souter.

    Any truth to this ??
  2. I believe that the plan is for TELICs 9 & 10 to take up most of the TA mobilisees allowing Reg Troops to be released from the Gulf in order to deploy to Afghanistan.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Can't see many volunteering for a second trip to the sand pit...

  4. Just to add to the rumour mill , I believe if you expressed interest early enough , or are a specialist you'll get to go. At least I hope so, because that's what I did. I appreciate there are others Reg. side who have the bigger picture, with the goalposts vanishing rapidly out of shot :(
  5. I've been ear-marked to go as well (being a medic). Just trying to find if there are any Sapper/Inf/Air Corps etc units (basically not a field Hospital!) units that need a company medic. Very hard indeed!!
  6. Maybe try for a watchkeeper/specialist/coffee-making stag through CVHQ(RA) - the regular HQs are usually keen to snap up a few extra bodies.
  7. Rumour mill has it that there will be a large contingent of MLO teams so we might get our Officers mobilised in quantity at long last (he said hopefully). Might help stop the decline in Officer numbers.
  8. I'd appreciate an idea of what MLO teams do (I've got as far as Military Liasion Officer!).... could be quite a good job given the latitude given to CIMIC and PRT patrols out there. If the jobs any good I'll happily RV with anyone from ARRSE and we can fight each other for a place.

  9. rrv are supposedly going to send a plt out to help form a coy for force protection . Thought about it but indoor boss not too
    keen 9months away from family seem a bit harsh 3months training 6 months stag on .Send me if i have to go .Volunterring to get a hooping not my idea of fun
  10. the HAC have just re-roled their gun teams into LO troops....might be a good place to start any enquiries maybe?
  11. They'd have to get past the hordes of keening, wailing officers desperate to go.

    abacus, why yank our chain like this?
  12. <sob> ...good rumours are never true... Listening to the rumour mill is like a dream in which you're gently caressed and tickled with tulip leaves by a doe-eyed handmaiden only to wake up to find The Man squatting over you, wrenching your jaws apart and taking a dump in your mouth.

    I blame the messenger. Burn him. Death to Abacus!

    Sad b astard that I am I'll badger MCM for a month anyway. I'll be honest with you though, don't expect me to post if the rumour is true... why? 'Cos I am truly jack. :D
  13. Are they really going to get three months training? I know that the first Fingal deployment had bags of training but I was under the impression that subsequent deployments were a bit pinched. Eden Coy (Telic 4) had to organise and run their own OPTAG training.
  14. 2 weeks ago our Battery was informed by the BC that there was to be less emphasis on Op Telic Mobilizations and more on Afghanistan , todate 80% of the or's have been on Telic so i have no doubt we will get the chance to have fun in the sun once again .
  15. My int agrees with GaSrAm. Herrick 4 spring 06 followed by (highly probable) Herrick 5 Autumn 06 -- both in sp of ARRC.