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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Recieved the following PM from a defence contractor A

    Sort of agree with that. Was taken out by Defence Contractor B, last night and heard something similar. TA unit in nimbyland had a display showing the very latest in comms equipment from the 70's (Clansman), being intrested L shows the TA guy the new ____ BISA on his PDA, TA guy responds by showing him the very latest brand new BFAT booklet - presented as the cutting edge of TA equipment :!: ........... what a walt. Thanks for the professional image being put accross

  2. So IT professionals are wasting their time joining the TA Sigs unless they commission?
  3. Since I can earn the equivelent of a days TA pay in less than two hours on a sunday as an IT admin..............
  4. To be honest. IT/IS has more or less totally passed the Army by, or is that the other way round? To to be told that the Army has bought a load of printers that are no longer made by HP and laptops that use PIII chips makes you wonder what the point of trying to update the Army is. Having spotted that very day a shiny new Sony laptop about the size of an A5 folder that's more powerful with a larger harddrive after my first UDT lesson I honestly think the army should not bother trying to reinvent the wheel, just go done to PC world and buy 5,000 tough books with a promise of 5,000 more in 18 months, just see what deal you could get!
  5. Not necessarily but if you want to go on Ops (in a complex IT role), its the way forward. Not the way the regular PART of the corps works AND 'one army' but what the heck.