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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. I've just read a blog about preserving TA historic titles.

    Totally agree with this but has this already been tainted, a title mentioned is quite new (c1967 not 1908/1914). RSigs affliction with 'City of ...' was not in keeping with history, for example 46 (City of Derby) should have been named 46 (North Midland). Decades of history dictate this.

    I.e. 49 (West Riding and North Midland) Divisional Signal Regiment in 1938/39 seperated into 49 (WR) AND 46 (NM) Div SR. Post war it reformed with a similar name.

    Rather weird post but I expect the yeomanry to keep their titles and the remainder to keep 'fake' ones.
  2. You really do need to get out more.

  3. Regimental History plays an important part in maintaining an Esprit de Corps but taken too the extreme leads to a silo mentality - IMHO!

    I favour aligning more with regular units and naming TA units to reflect the increase in co-operation, such as 4 Para or 4 Mercian. For my money this creates a greater sense of belonging than an 'archaic' Yeomanry title.

    Then again, I'm new to all this STAB malarkey so probably talking out of my arrse! :twisted:
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    msr LE

    Read or written? ;)

    Can we have a link?

  5. With the fear of an AGAI, no.

    Eh? For posting a link to a blog ?

  6. Done. Just spent the afternoon cycling near RTMC. Highlights included the nearby dogging site, which had a sign 'Warning - humps for 300 yards', which made me chuckle for some reason. (Attenborough Nature Reserve - for those interested)
  7. Yes, yes! I have often thought "lay-bys" were very appropriately named!
  8. While it is sad to lose historic names we must look forward. The majority of units has had a name change of some sorts along the way, as well as amalgamations, disbandments, reformations, re-roling and suspended animations. The history of a unit must be remembered and recorded and passed down to its new members to bread an esprit de corps.

    Look at some name changes:

    The Guild of St George - The Gentlemen of the Artillery Garden - The Artillery Company - the Honourable Artillery Company

    Monck's Regiment of Foot - The Lord General's Regiment of Foot Guards - Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards - The Coldstream Guards
  9. and the 1st airborne mess tin repair unit ( east ridings own ) REME, were called east riding mess tin repair unit RASC until 1944 when they went to learn to freefall in with their oxycetolene burners, and later in 1971 came in under the REME as the RASC no longer had a roll for them, since their last action was at Suez. many changes there hey, and i dont here them complaining, quoting their motto 'Onwards and Upwards'
  10. Polar,

    Are you a died-in-the-wool historian or just confined to barracks far too much :lol:

    The reason that 'City of ...' is embedded in a number of unit titles is that the unit has been granted the civic honour of "The Freedom of the City". Parades, flags flying & bayonets fixed - good stirring stuff!

    In the R Signals arena, your parish has a number of these: Sheffield (originally granted to 38 Sig Regt, then ceded to 64 Sqn), Derby and then Nottingham - in that order and all in the 90s if my (fading) memory is accurate. There was a phase - many moons ago - when the public wanted to show an affinity with and a measure of gratitude to military units within their locality .......

    The CO blogging is probably well aware that the titles are civic honours that can't be handed about, needing to be treated with some respect lest he cause offence (and not get an invite to the next cocktail party!).

    Back to MY barrack block now .......... :twisted:
  11. Yeah but these titles don't originate from the 1860's and also have very strong county connections (admittedly from old boundaries). Their is only one title (and number), that is common to all troop locations:

    49 (West Riding and North Midland)

    Formed in 1860 in Sheffield, moved to Leeds post WW1 and had a Bde Sig Sqn in Nottingham (147 Bde->337 Sig Sqn->87 Sig Sqn->Notts Tp 64).

    Right off to Toton sidings to check out some train numbers, ooops did that last night

    p.s. Cycle route 67 goes past it
  12. Arrse. Why didn't anyone tell me about this when I was stationed there, or had dogging not been invented then ;)

    Thinking about it my old Boss did go on about taking the dog for a run down by the lakes a lot...
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