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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by polar, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Any suggestions? Seems to be only an yeomanry detachment nearby.

    If you didn't know (most of you can now yawn....) I'm capbadged RSigs.

    Think it's time to sack it though, nearest Sigs appears to be Stratford Upon Avon and I don't class that as near.
  2. 53 (Welsh) Signals Squadron (V) - Brecon

    "About us:
    We are the only Territorial Signal Squadron in Wales – and we play a key role in providing military communications in support of the Regular Army."

    53 (Welsh) Signals Squadron (V)
  3. There is a CIS section in Monmouth with the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia), PM me for details

    I also live in Hereford, we could meet for a chat
  4. There's an offer you can't refuse :D

    Isn't there a TA Signal Troop in Hereford?
  5. There is no TA signals unit in Hereford. As I mentioned above, the nearest applicable unit to you is 53 Signals Sqn at Brecon. All the information you need is available here:

    South West: Local TA Units

    West Midlands: Local TA Units

    Wales: Local TA Units
  6. I think they mean "them" up the road at Credenhill!
  7. There is, R Troop of 63 Sig Sqn
  8. Polar check your PM's.
  9. Cheers for that. Not heard anything about the contract yet (fingers crossed).

    37 miles to TA ain't that bad I suppose.
  10. Contract accepted .... !!!!