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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. Just found this on Wikipedia

    "The Guards Division will receive a new battalion following the restructuring of the army in 2004, when the London Regiment becomes the first ever TA Guards unit."

    see it at www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foot_Guards

    I know there is another thread on the Londons but I thought this warrented another.

    Any truth in it?

    Has any one even heard of it?
  2. FAS announced the Londons will be the Guards TA Bn but I don't think they will be classed as Guards, they will recieve PSI's from the Guards (so the Guards will gain quite a few new SNCO slots).

    The other thread is all about the RGJ
  3. Any idea the headdress, Guards Beret (Blue Red Blue backing) with either the Company capbadge or the London Regiment capbadge?

    The LIR changing Hackle colour to Paddys Blue?
  4. Would suspect they either revert to original TA regimental badges (i.e. loose current regimental affiliation) or adopt the Londons badge.

    So whats the new name London Guards?
  5. Could they simply become the TA component of a TA/Regular hybrid Regiment by combining them with Cermonial components of the Guards, ie Nijmegan?

    Becoming the 6th (!?!) Regiment of Guards?

    Edit to add, or the reanimation of one of the 2nd Battalions? Maybe 2GRENADIERS?
  6. The idea of combining the Foot Guards into a Large/ Large regiment was rejected by the Guards (but they were asked), and a limited for of the arms plot will remain in place just for them. The name 6th Bn, The Foot Guards seems to have been rejected then (not the 6th Foot Guards, as it already exists in suspended animation).

    I'd guess the London Regiment will remain titled "The London Regiment" and either retain current insignia or adopt the proposed London Regiment capbadge (the Portculis). The headdress I'd guess will remain as is, or be a Khaki beret with Blue-Red-Blue backing.

    2nd Bns of the 1st, Coldstream and 3rd Regiments of Foot Guards are in cadre, being the incremental companies based in London.
  7. I don't think Londons could really do the cermonial side, I mean who'd join a unit to do drill (excluding guards and Queens Sqn RAF Regt).
  8. Soz to double post...

    but do the Londons realise whats happening to them? RGJ are probably going to RGJ (weird that) and the rest to guards.

    Is it possible that we could make the Londons move to the RAF Regiment?
  9. 145 Bdes three general reinforcement infantry battalions would appear to be, by rumours on this board:

    1st Battalion, London Regiment (Guards Affiliated)
    A Coy - ex London Scottish
    B Coy - ex Queen's (PWRR)
    C Coy - ex RRF
    D Coy - ex London Irish Rifles
    HQ Coy - ex E (HQ) Coy, London Rgt

    3rd Battalion, Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
    A (Queen's Royal Surrey) Coy
    B (Royal Sussex) Coy
    C (Royal West Kent)
    D (Duke of Connaught's) Coy - ex C Coy, RRV
    HQ (The Buffs) Coy

    7th Battalion, The Rifles
    A Coy - ex A Coy, RRV
    B Coy - ex B (RGBWLI) Coy, RRV
    C Coy - ex F and G Coys, Londons
    D Coy - ex E Coy, RRV
    HQ Coy - ex HQ Coy, RRV
  10. Didn't mean the TA element would do ceremonial duties, just join the incremental companies for Admin, etc.

    I know there are 3 Bns in suspened animation, just thought the Grenadiers would be the one, as they are senior.
  11. Where can I get a crab suit from in London? If these MONGS! ever asked the lads they would soon see WE DONT WANT a dodgy new cap badge, to wear a cow pat OR to call our selves GUARDS!
  12. well if they were raf regiment would get better food and accomadation :lol:
  13. It's all about soldiering and doing the job well. That's the beauty of being in the TA is that all forms of Parades are short and sweet so unless you ae getting new colours which i am sure the guards would jump at the oppourtunity to beast some STABs.
    I say get back to the job in hand SOLDIERING.
  14. Ah Jedi Knight, a corking post!

    I myself would rather drink a barrel of Satan’s tepid warm p1ss that wear that damn silly crest.

    PS If you look on the other LONDONS / RGJ thread then I think most of it is discussed on there.
  15. Its True

    No One (who matters that is) in the London Regt wants to give up their cap badge and adopt a faceless one which means absolutly nothing to anyone apart from the very small number who are fighting its cause.

    The whole idea is, frankly, pants. No better word for it really.