TA Graduate Ocdt Pay?? Myth??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by far-famed_wolf, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. On the new (ish) 2010 TA pay scales

    Territorial Army (TA)

    it marks a difference between TA and OTC.

    Officer Cadet (OTC) £39.27 £49.00
    Officer Cadet (non-graduate) £39.27 n/a
    Second Lieutenant/Officer Cadet (graduate) £62.07 n/a

    is the idea of graduate Ocdt pay a reality or a myth?

    The RAO did some digging and it was all looking likely until we were told that Ocdt doesn’t exist as a paid rank in the TA as there is no PID for an Ocdt in a regiment and so you must stay on your substantive rank and pay while your hold the appointment of Ocdt.

    Any information kindly received.

  2. I understand you get paid at Ocdt pay rates if you are either a) a UOTC member, of b) Gp A TA and have passed main board. Without Main Board in a Gp A unit, you are a PO and paid at the rate of your previous rank.
  3. No PID perhaps for an OCdt, but i didn't think they could reduce your pay.

    When i moved from OTC to TA I kept my OCdt pay, making me the highest paid Signaller in the Regt =)
  4. Ocdt graduate pay is for TA Ocdts with a main board pass according to the pay clerk in my regiment (he's normally on the ball so I trust him). Ocdts without a main board pass are only Potential Officers anyway, not Ocdts.
  5. But dose he know how it is actualy made a reality? As per first post the problem is apparently a lack of pids at that pay level.
  6. Did your unit make you do phase 1 training after you transferred from OTC to TA?
  7. For info:

    Following the recent change to subsume Group B into Group A (there will be no Group B commissions in future) there are only 4 PIDs for 2Lts within each OTC (subject of course to the OTC Review recommendations). Not sure how that then translates into OCdt PIDs.
  8. Most of the 2Lts in our OTC were either Army Cadetships (and hence regular soldiers, not TA) or fourth-year medical students (on the strength of the local RAMC(V) Fd Hosp). My mate and I managed a whole two weeks on annual camp post-commissioning before we disappeared off to our TA Gp.A unit... I can't think of a time when we had more than four TA Gp.B commissions on strength for more than a month or two, although I could well be wrong.
  9. I seem to recall graduate pay was for suitable professionally qualified types? I could be wrong mind
  10. From TA Regs;

    I assume that these types holding a specialist degree etc thus qualify for the higher pay? Although in reality I doubt it actually exists.
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