TA Graduate Ocdt Pay - How is it actioned

I asked this question on the TA board without success but thought that I may have better luck here.

On the new (ish) 2010 TA pay scales

Territorial Army (TA)

It marks a difference between Ocdts in the TA and OTC.

Officer Cadet (OTC) £39.27 £49.00
Officer Cadet (non-graduate) £39.27 n/a
Second Lieutenant/Officer Cadet (graduate) £62.07 n/a

Leaving questions about who or what is an Ocdt to one side dose any one know how to action Ocdt Graduate Pay?

When my RAO looked into it the problem seemed to be that there were no PIDs in a TA regiment for Ocdts. If anyone knows anything on this subject I would be most greatfull.

There are as far as I'm aware no PIDs in the rank of OCdt in TA Establishments. The rate you have quoted is for 2Lts and would be granted to you when you are appointed to a TA Gp A commission on completion of TACC.

Chnages to your rate of pay are actioned by SPVA on receipt of JPA Form L002 from your unit.
I don't know the answer, but I'm a graduate Ocdt, just appointed as a platoon commander, and am expecting Grad Ocdt pay. If this happens I will let you know when I get my first pay slip.

There is a PID for my role though.
When are you off to Sandhurst?
I have had the same argument with my RAO. However my reasoning is that if they expect you to do training to become an TA officer and adhere to the training set out by RMAS and do the training that our regular counterparts do they get paid as an officer so we should have the same pay and each regiment should have sufficient PID's to support us. The TA is crying out for officers and considering that this this is the first step it is appauling how we are treated!
It just may be that this page: Territorial Army (TA) is wrong.

Personally I would not trust that website further than I could throw the server it is hosted on.

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