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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by wiltsstokie, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I am a 21 year old police officer and am interested in joining the TA. Originally I thought of joing the regulars (infantry) in order to eventually go on tour and get involved. However, I was advised by some regular guys on their forum that due to the pay drop it would be a lot more sensible to look at joing the TA, doing the training and then opting to go on tour. The problem is due to my work I cannot guarantee every weekend in order to do the training. Is there a way around this? And also how well received are the TA by regulars, especially on tour and are you facing the same things in TA infantry as the regulars? Many thanks.
  2. I know a few TA units with police officers in and there are no big problems. I believe you have to notify your chief constable of your intention to join. Also had two on tour during Telic 2.
  3. Don't worry about not making every weekend, as long as you attend a drill night often and show your interest you should have nothing to worry about.

    It might hinder you slightly during the phase one weekends, as you might forget things after a fortnight or so and you might not end up being with the same guys.
    However, you can do your phase one in a two-week course (Which is what I did)

    When it comes to tours, you are usually attached to a regular batallion so there should be no difference on that point.
  4. Depends also on how much commitment you want to give it. The nationally recruited TA units have a 19 day and 2 week camp commitment where as a local (independent) unit requires 27 days and a 2 week camp. I would suggest that you have a look around and see what roles you fancy then see if you can get out of it what you want. Don't forget, you need a work/life/TA balance!
  5. You could even join the RMP's and show them how real policemen work.
  6. Just to clarify, those commitments are:

    Specialist Units (Nationally recruited) - 19 days including a 15 day Annual Camp (no Drill Nights)

    Independent Units - 27 days including a 15 dayAnnual Camp (regular attendance at Drill nights expected).
  7. I havn't got experience of being a TA soldier on tour, however I believe it highly depends on the individual.
    GENERALLY, the TA has a larger amount of tw@ts and so they get a bad press because those tw@ts who go on tour and get treated how some would say they deserve to be treated; end up crying about it. This makes people think that the TA are largely looked down on and perhaps bullied by regulars. This however is the absolute opposite to the majority of cases.
    In my experience the TA have been accepted very well by the regulars, and whether they get treated like one of their own, or an outsider, depends on the quality of their personal, and soldiering skills.
    If you go on tour, you can expect to get put on poo stirring duty for the first few weeks, but assuming you're not a complete throbber, you'll soon be accepted and treated as essentially what you are while on tour; a regular.
  8. Judgeing by your Name I'm guessing your in Wiltshire. We have a Wilts Copper in our lot. He doesn't make it in as often as most but still manages to take a fairly active role. Which Units are you looking at?