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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bsucdp, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. I'm thinking about joining the TA while I'm killing a bit of time applying to sandhurst.

    I have a problem though... while I'm not opposed to going on a tour, I'm in a temporary job which is a big build up to a conference in March. Clearly if I get called-up before the end of march my employer, and therefore, me are going to be in the sh1t. So I was wondering - what is the earliest I can get mobilised, bearing in mind my phase 1 training won't start until 14th October at the earliest? Am I right in thinking I can only get mobilised after completeing phase 3 training or can it be earlier.

    I tried contacting the 'employer helpline' but they were pretty useless - I'm hoping someone might be able to give me the low-down. cheers
  2. I wouldn't worry, I can't see that you would be in any position to be mobilised for at least a year, the training process in the TA can take a fair amount of time.
  3. As above matey. You need to be Trade Trained as well as having passed all you Basic training. So don't worry about it
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    VerminWA is quite correct - it takes time, a year is the absolute minimum, and even then for many trades you'd be pretty useless without plenty more experience.
  5. Getting to a stage where you can be mobilised can take a fair amount of time, in Signals you'll do (assuming you have a job)

    Year 1 - 2 week Recruits course
    Year 2 - Gap training (1 week, my unit does it during our annual camp)
    Year 3 - 2 week recruits course and now eligible for mobilisation

    Obviously you can get trained faster if your a student and courses fall in the right time, unemployed or willing to use all of your work hols on TA
  6. It takes approximately two years to get a TA soldier to a point where he is ready to deploy.
    I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong but I think we’ve reached the point where the TA is now looking for voluntary deployments, compulsory deployments now seams to be over.

    If you do get called up then you can always appeal against it if you have a good reason.
    If you do get called up before your RCB and you do go, it will count as a big brownie point for you, bear that in mind.
    Don’t join the TA or the regular army if you are set against serving, that’s not what we’re about.
  7. thanks for the replies - a few voices might set my boss' worries to rest!

    There's one slight complication in that the unit is classed as a specialist unit and as such I think I'm right in saying are mobilised more readily than non-specialist units. They're also rushing people through training because three quarters of the unit are off to Iraq next month. Theoretically, if I'd finished phase 1 and 2 training by the end of January (highly possible according to the bloke I talked to) could I be mobilised before the end of March.

    Now I know this is highly unlikely anyway because it would have to be compulsory mobilisation and I could appeal against it etc.. but my boss (a woman!!) is pretty worried about being left high and dry. Feel free to give her some abuse (I'll show the responses to her).
  8. It depends if you have any trade or professional skills that are directly transferrable to military service. A lot of medical and nursing personnel (for example), find themselves mobilised very soon after joining. A few people from Field Hospitals found themselves in Kuwait without having even done basic training during Telic One! Was sorted in time but red faces all round!
  9. Plan B is even if you get mobilised...fail the medical...

    Dental is always a good one... start eating as many mint imperials as you can until your teeth rot or...break...

    Eye test.. when asked to read the letters on the board... simply ask what board?

    Hearing.. put the headset on the wrong way round.

    Medical... Tell the Doc you have lots of injuries..

    Just kidding

    As all the guys have said you need to be trained and fit for role.

    Don't be in any rush, assuming you get through Sandhurst, the Sandbox and Afghanistan will still be there waiting for you... or Iran, Korea etc.. get some experience first.