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Hello all,

First post here but I read the forums often. I am very interested in joining the TA ands it's looking like i'm going to be in Germany for the forseeable future. I have seen some information about the TA unit in hameln which is only 111 km's from where I live, I've got a few of questions.

1. I read on another post that you need to be mustard to get in. What's classed as being "Mustard"?

2. The safety net that looks after UK employees jobs in the UK don't apply under German law does anyone know if this is likely to change?

3. If I was succesful in joining and got called for Afganistan or Iraq would the MOD help with childcare costs?

4. How long is the waiting list currently at?

5. How long does it normally take from application to actually becoming a TA soldier?

Finally 6. What does a typical weekend away with the TA actually entail?


Jimmy in Osnabruck
I am unaware of what it is like for TA but a reserve friend I know recieved an 'invitation' to TELIC 1 should he wish to play.

He requested they 'poke it'.

As to your employer protection; nil, nada, zilch. I mean to say there is something on paper about it in this country but in means fück all.

Your protection for keeping your German job open while you galivant around somewhere hot and dusty for 10 months? See above if not less.

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