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I have a random and slightly odd request, Iam a member of the regular British armed forces. However my brother who holds down a rather dull job in civvie street joined the TA 2 years ago to try and "spice up his life a bit." So where is the problem i hear you ask? Well as im sure any of you that have met anybody in the TA realises they have a certain compulsion to tell EVERYBODY what they do, how great they are, how the regular forces cant possibly function without them etc. So what am i after, well im after any websites, books, documents, anecdotes, anything of a spoof nature that can bring him down a peg or 10, before i kill him

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Many thanks

Heights good


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Oddly enough, he should find that the rest of his Unit will explain the facts of life to him soon enough - I'm surprised that they haven't already.


Humm I found out very quickly that it’s best to keep your mouth shut about the TA as most people (close friends and family included) can’t see past our “Toy Army” reputation and consider us a joke.
Just ask him when he is going on tour /Selection if he is so good ? Or borrow his gucci kit as he probably got all the latest if he s that keen .
Why not ask him to post his opinions on ARRSE. I think you can rely on the inhabitants of these parts to bring him down the peg or two that you want. It does highlight a problem all us TA types face though in that a TA Geek is seen as indicative of the TA as a whole, whereas his Reg equivalent is seen as the odd man out.
aaaw bless not all TA are bad... they are great and the British forces couldnt pothibly fuction properly without em... I mean who will they get to panbash on telic for gods sake :)

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