TA Gazelles to go?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sierra_Hotel, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Was visiting the AAC flight at Leuchars a few weeks back and was told that the unit would be disbanding next year. Is this true of all TA AAC units? Was looking at joining the AAC flight near(ish) bath whilst at uni, but if this is to be the case will have to rethink.
  2. I came here expecting to read about a new take-away food derived from African deer-like animals, being provided by TA chefs.

    Imagine my dissappointment.......
  3. He`s here all week folks

    Having stuffed me on the manning thread
  4. ^^ hahaha. quite
  5. u guys crack me up :D
  6. no, as they say in showbiz, For Tonight Only.... :D

    untill next time that is :twisted:

    There can be only one...
  7. Oi, Thats copyrighted!!
  8. Did you mean "copywritten?" ? :D

    The owner of said right is welcome to it...of course grammatically it should be " there can only be one" which I have registered as a copyright, as I have " to go boldly" rather than "to boldly go".

    I am sure that when Victorian English comes back into vogue, as it surely will, I shall be onto a winner.
  9. It`s late, I`m in the bar on expenses paid for lager, give a drunk a grammatical break
  10. Break granted...I was double wah-ing you..."copywritten" is wrong, so, in a way, I tripple wah-ed you, and in one night too.

    That must deserve a medal.

    I am half cut in my house in Chiswick, and will nip out now for last hors d'oeuvre
  11. Sir, I doff my cap to your Oscar Wilde style reposte and cunning play on words.
    You Sir , are a giant
  12. The AAC is being disbanded full stop - under the options for renewal, tactical aircraft, tri Service... the army and the navy will relinquish all aircraft to the RAF and they will administer the A/C.

    How this will work we don't know. The RN are getting all vehicles and we, the Army, the clerks!
  13. Do you mind??? :roll:

    We have moved on from the original and boring premise of this thread,
    which seemed to come from a UOTC/TA bloke who wanted a cabby in a whirly-bird, to much loftier (if you'll excuse the pun) levels to do with

    a) how much lager Kurgen has had to drink,

    b) How much it didn't cost him, (as it was on expenses, so one must assume he is in the SAS )
  14. thankyou, but more of a shrimp, in my line of business. I assume, with reference to your earlier mention of "expenses-paid-for lager" that you are a TA soldier?

    Fackin TA, who'-a-banch-a-cants.

    I often feel emasculated, for fleeting milliseconds, both when meeting anti-TA/Part-time types in the army , and ,when I come accross people in civvy street with much more money than me, but then again, having been a part-time soldier and won both the Cold War and Operation Banner single-handedly, I think that neither group could have done what I did

    "you haven't got three lovely kids and a difficult wife. :D ...And you could never have done what I did."

    Which wasn't much, by the way, but nevertheless, they couldn't have done it.
  15. I know!!