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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Parry, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Recently changed my course at University and as a result have until September off when I will start my new course up in Aberdeen. I need to find something to do in the interim period, at present I have a part time job however my employer is unable to up my hours anymore than they have which will not give me a decent income. Is there scheme or way that I can work/train full time with the TA until September? Has anyone done similar? Are there any pros/cons etc?
  2. speak to your unit and see if they can find anything for you to do, a few of the lads in my unit do a few days a week however you can only do up to 110 days with an extension and if you use all your day's up in one hit it could stop you from getting a camp/required training weekend in later in the year. Also think about blancing them over the gap so come the end of the training year you have some left and arent leaving yourself short in the pocket if your using the money to help fund uni
  3. Going to have a word with my unit this week just trying to get a heads up and see what's what. I suppose I could manage a couple of days a week and still work with my current employer. I guess the idea of getting qualifications coming out of my ears is pushing me more towards the idea, in the couple of years I have been in the TA I have only managed to complete my TAFS, CMSR, GAP and various elements of TAOC. The rest of the time has been spent with the Army Hockey Team and in my own admission there has been a huge skill fade. Not sure how willing my unit would be to put me through the above again then load me onto a plethora of courses only with the view to join the UOTC in September anyway.
  4. Of interest what is the big worry about OTC and TA doing over 110 days?
  5. I have done this before... went a lot of places, Brecon, Paris, on an Eagle Strike exercise... if a PSI knows you are an unemployed gypsey he should have lots of work available for you... including moping the drill hall floor!
  6. Each unit has a budget to stick to.
    If they only have enough money for each man to work 110 days and then you end up working 112 days, 2 days extra pay has to come from somewhere else.
  7. I think you also become entitled to Leave. Then the Army would be paying money with no return.
  8. Once you go over 117 days (or there about), under employment law you are entitled to 2 weeks holiday pay.
    That means the budget has to pay you 2 weeks wages without getting any work.
    Most units are allocated 40 MTD’s (Man Trg Days) per established person (this may have changed since I was last with the TA) and have to budget as such.
    Depending on unit strength, will depend how many days you will be allowed to attend.
  9. I'll have a chat with the PSI and see what he has to offer.
  10. Out of interest, would the 2 weeks holiday pay be 2 Army weeks (14 days) or 2 civvy weeks (10 days)?
  11. I think you'll find that the 110 day rule is no longer. I can't recall the details at this time in the morning, but as part of the rebalancing decisions (another change that ducked under the wire), I'm pretty sure this has been extended to 160 (ish).

    If I can find the details, I'll post it sometime.
  12. The limits at 117 and 220 days are dictaed by employemtn law. At 117 days you are entitled to 2 weeks paid leave, at 220 days this goes up to 4 weeks (I think) and pension rights.

    There is nothing to stop a TA soldier training for more than these limits but authority need to be granted by successively higher HQs as the number of days goes up. For us OC can authorise to 50 days, CO to 80 then 100 and Bde to 117. I believe HQ Land need to grant authority past that point. The problem is most CoCs are sh*t scared to apply for authority beyond Regimental level.

    It all boils down to budget management. If a soldier is being paid for 117+ days he is costing the equivalent of 3 on 40 days. Most of those reaching this limit will be holding some, or a lot of, rank and so will be more expensive. The logical answer, and one which a civilian HR department would do without thinking, would be to employ someone full time if there is a job there to be done. Our establishments, however, are reviewed once in a blue moon and are inflexible so getting TA soldiers in for long periods is a regular (no pun intended) occurrence.

    I know I've drifted off from your situation Parry. In short, if there is a job of work to be done around the TAC during the week then there is no problem getting you in to do it, provided you still attend for weekend training. PSI/PSAO should be able to advise. There are also opportunities around - the BATUS staff list is out if you are an SDC converted driver you can spend May-September ragging an LR around the Canadian plains; there are ACF/CCF central camps that need staff and many other opportunities, again your PSI/Adjt should have these signals. You may be a little limited, however, by your lack of experience and trade.

    On a cautionary note to anyone seeing this as a good option to make money in the long term: don't. Get a civilian or NRPS job or join the regs. You may be making money but you have no pension or employment rights and will find yourself in a bad situation in a few years time if you rely wholly on the TA.
  13. If you are helping out on another unit's camp it can come out of their MTD allowance which eases things a little.

    A scheme to take direct entry civvies and 7 weeks later produce trained soldier with a driving licence (or in the case of DEPO/TAPO a civvy to phase 3 completed).

    Run by 51 Bde over July and August in Scotland.

    Get in touch with RTC at Edinburgh via your PSI and they may well have jobs available, even if it is just in a course support role (Driving setting up, enemy on exercise etc)
  15. Is this being sold to the students? As they would be ideal with the 3 or so months off they have over summer.