TA from the Regs.

Hi guys, glad I found this part of the forums as I'm new to the site :) discharged from the regs last week .. Found a job pretty quickly working in a bank, how ever I want to join Upto the TA.. As i dont want to stray away from the life style and routine and keep my military job. I went into the artillery battery in my town and all is a go ahead, just got to see the guys in the office again Tuesday night. I'm posting for abit of information really. I could get this from the recruiting staff but I just thought if get the information here if possible. Do the TA get I'd cards? And also... What kit do the TA get issued? Is it MTP? Because there was some TA cutting about in DPM on camp. Not looking for any arrogant replies off people here guys. Just straight up answers. Thanks alot !!

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