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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stoateek, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has joined a TA unit having previously served in another branch of the armed forces regular. I was in the RAF for 6 years (with a comission), left just under a year ago and looking to join my Local RSigs TA. Anyone else had any experience of it? Particularly with ranks on entry and other requirements (to complete MK1(V) etc).

    Grateful for any input.
  2. Not helpful I know, but I did know of one ex naval rating who joined the TA that APC authorised to 'reinstated in his former rank'.

    Unfortunately he jacked in before the OC could boast a Bosun's Mate in his sub unit.
  3. Your in luck, I'm ex RAF, left after nine years as an SAC , after six months or so got bored of civvy life and joined my local Royal Signals TA unit.

    Obviosly I kept my rank 8O, not usre about commisions, I do know of an ex navy chap who had a commision and was made to sit a regimental board for a TA commision but he was a first class knobber.

    You can either look at the TA as a continuation of your RAF service albiet under a different uniform or you can take it on as a totally new challenge, either way your local unit should welcome you with open arms.

    Don't suppose you live in Hull do you ?
  4. Afraid not - West Country.

    Do indeed look at TA as a whole new challenge, mind you what I've done should count for something!
  5. Yes it should, thinking about it I know of one ex raf officer who is now in the sigs as an officer. good luck
  6. Should be possible, but will depend on what branch you were, and what the role of your chosen TA unit is.

    As with polar69, I know someone who was a RAF officer (Sqn Ldr) one month, and a TA officer (Major) the next, and that was as recently as 2006...
  7. If its the same person I knew, I think he went TA Inf Officer->Reg RAF Officer->TA Officer.

    I'm not sure he was regular RAF (something always appeared odd).
  8. stoateek,
    PM sent mate
  9. Assuming Polar69 and I are thinking of the same person he was RAF Regiment before joining TA Signals. He served a bit of time as a siggy (but was a de'facto officer, running exercises etc) until the paperwork was sorted out.
  10. No - she's not the same person :D
  11. I transferred after 6 yrs as aircrew and joined the RSigs (although this was a tester as after 6 months I went into the yeomanry - I had to sort a med issue out). I filled in the paperwork, had a medical and joined with the same seniority as I had held as a crab and got another commissioning scroll - as if my loo hadn't got enough mindless certificates and pics in there.
  12. Cheers all - many thanks for the replies. Will take it up with the local regt I think.
  13. There are no RAuxAF in the West Country. 1 MHU & 3 MHU got swallowed up into 600 Squadron at Northolt. Quite a few of the seniors and officers travel up from the West Country (Plymouth, St Mawgan, St Austell) every 3 weeks. It has a comms, ops, int and admin flght. Comms backs TCW up, Int are training to buy Kit Kats and Ops do Opsy things. Admin do JPA but the less said about JPA, the better, I think. Lot of ceremonial, affiliated to the City of London etc