TA Friendly Life Insurance

Does anyone know of any companies that offer life insurance companies that will not screw me if I die while in green kit. I have asked the sales man at L&G about this and after an "Eer, I'm not sure" it got me thinking.
You have a few options

PAX ( or in your case RPAX ) has a £10,000 per unit accidental death benefit - you can also add on an optional life insurance cover which covers death by natural causes.

SLI - is a specialist life insurance policy available to forces personnel only and can give cover for up to £200,000. It is slightly more expensive than standard life cover but with the added benefit it can be taken out at any time up to or during deployment and it charges the same for all trades ( ATOs, SF, flyers etc )

'Normal Life Insurance', that is, life cover with a civvy insurer like AXA, Scottish Provident. As long as you are not in a high risk trade ( ie: not those mentioned above ) and not under orders you should be able to take cover through insurers like these at standard rates.

A list of advisers familiar with the Armed Forces can be found through SIIAP at SIIAP.

I am an IFA, however any information posted in this forum is for discussion only and should not be taken as a recommendation of any particular product or provider. You should always consult a qualified adviser who can make a recommendation suited to your individual needs.

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