TA for a year, then OTC?

Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere else, I have done a search...

I am leaving school after finishing my A Levels in May and am planning on a 3 year degree at uni. I want to have a year between school and uni though, just to have a break from studying and have a year of earning some cash before I start building up a debt that I'll be paying back for the foreseeable future.

I am wondering if it is possible to join the TA (as a soldier) for a year, then transfer to the OTC while at uni, and then apply as for a commission after my degree. Just not sure if any TA units will take me if they think I'm gonna bugger off to uni after a year. My ultimate goal is however, to end up with a commission, I'm just not sure if they'll see that as a worthwhile investment.

Anyone shed any light on the situation, thought I'd get an opinion on here before I headed down to the careers office.

That's what I did, albeit 18 years ago. 5 R Anglian and London OTC. Had great fun in both and no regrets. Transfer admin took a while, but who does it for the pay?
Join the TA but don't bother with OTC - you might as well just transfer to a TA unit in your university town. At least you'll get paid properly and get a full bounty.
You might want to look at doing the TASO scheme.....paid by and a part of your old unit, train with the OTC is how I understand it. If the scheme is still running.
Thanks for the fast responses, will look into these options.

If I want to start around June/July kind of time (when all exams are finished and college is over) should I be looking to getting into paperwork now-ish so I can do an ADSC asap, or am I not in so much of a rush, not sure how long these things take.

As a full time student you will be exempt from mobilisation.
In the TA you will earn better money but as you will be aware things are uncertain at this time with regards to training budgets. My suggestion would be to go join the TA, be a private soldier for a year then go for a TA commission.
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